Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Its already our 2nd Christmas Eve as a married couple! But our first with Kayden!
We kept doing some traditions from last year and started some new ones.
We went swimming at an indoor pool today. It was Kaydens first time swimming and was really fun! Jonny wants to keep up that every Christmas Eve but I don't know how realistic that is. But it'll be fun to try!
For dinner we had Shepards pie. Jonny pointed out that it was fitting. So we decided to keep it  as a new tradition.
Of course we read the Nativity story. I wanted to read it Christmas Morning but I figured the kids would be too distracted with presents so Christmas eve is a good time instead.
And We also had our Christmas Eve Jammies. It was a tradition my mom had when I was kid. I think it was just so we had cute clothes on for pictures. But I love the idea. So Jonny and I did it for each other last year and this year. This year Kayden got Jammies too.
We drove around and looked at lights too.
It was such a great night!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Date Night!!!

So a couple weeks ago my hubby surprised me and told me he had arranged for my mom to come down so he could take me to a dance at the school! I was so excited not for the dance just to be out without the baby. When it was 4 days away I asked him if he had called my mom recently and reminded her. He hadn't so I did. Good thing cause she had forgotten! Then I admitted to him that I would much rather go to dinner and go see Breaking Dawn. I just thought with having to come back and feed him it would be easier that way. He was much more excited about that idea.
So we went to dinner at Sammy's. A lil place in town I had been dying to try. The prices are really amazing! But the burgers were WAY over cooked. They killed the cow a second time! But they had okay flavor so for the price I would prolly go back. Their shakes are really good though! But they are huge! For now on either I will split with Jonny or get a mini one!
We had so much fun though. We made fun of the band in the other room who sounded like they were moaning in pain the whole time! Then we were eating our shakes all stupid just for the laughs. At one point someone else sitting up at the bar was watching us which just made it funnier!
Then we came home to feed Kayden. Good thing cause he was really worked up and mom had tried everything. He smiled when he saw me which made me feel sooo good! I feed him then gave him back to mom and went off to the movie.
Jonny is such a good hubby to watch my movies with me! I loved it. It totally ended right were I thought it would though.
We had so much fun. I can't remember the last time we laughed that much. I love my lil one but it was so nice to be out and about without him screaming.
I am just so lucky to have a hubby who would arrange all that for me!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Black Friday!!!!!

So a couple of days before Thanksgiving there was a commercial showing that walmart had a blue limited edition wii for $100 on black friday! I really wantd it but didn't say anything about it. Well on Thanksgiving Bret was looking at all the ads. And I brought up the wii. I might have hinted a couple more times during the day to Jonny but it was always followed by well we probably shouldn't. Well around 7 pm we decided to do it. But then we had to decide who would stay home with Kayden and who would go. I didn't want to go alone but I didn't want to be left.
So I texted the amazing Josie who said she would watch Kayden at 8:30.
Around 7:30 we headed to Walmart to check out the lines. The line for the xbox kinect was crazy long. But we were the 2nd person in line for the wii! We picked out 2 games and got a 2nd controller and numchuk while waiting. At first it wasnt bad at all. We talked a ton to the guy behind us in line.
At 8:30 I loaded up Kayden and headed to Josie's. After getting lost quite a few times even though she lives on the same street as me I finally got there. I thought it would be hard to leave Kayden because I had only left him once before with anyone other then Jonny or my mom. But suprisingly it was really easy.
When I got back to Walmart the lines had gotten long and it was way crowded! I hurried back to Jonny. Then sent him off to find this frame set I wanted. Its a 15 piece set on sale for 13! He snuck one out from under the plastic but he got the wrong one! So he went back but somebody was watching them. When he was gone it was getting crazy. People were rushing by with carts and just being rude! I called him and had him hurry back to wait with me for the wii.
So after standing in line for almost 3 hours we got our beautiful blue wii! We then rushed over to get the frame set. It took a while to get over there because of all the people and everything being roped off. Once we got over there we grabbed our set and looked for a shorter line. We found 2 that weren't too bad for black friday. We stood in both lines and then when Jonny's was moving faster I jumped in his. It only took about 20 minutes to get out of the store! That is amazing for black friday! We talked to the people in front of us in line while waiting. They came just for a couple movies! I can't believe some one would go out in those lines just to save a couple bucks.
We have been playing our wii everyday. Its great couple time while Kayden is sleeping so we arent just sitting on the couch watching tv.
Black friday is getting crazy though! Ive read things about stabbings, shootings and people getting maced. After we leave Rexburg I don't know if I will still shop on black friday but I am definitely doing next year!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011


This year was my first year cooking Thanksgiving dinner. It took 2 days of cooking. Wednesday all day I cooked desserts. I made pumpkin pie bites, chocolate cream pie tortes, mini fruit pizza, mini cherry pies, and cheesecake stuffed strawberries! It took all day! But it was way fun. And exhausting.
Thursday I was cooking the dinner portion. I took pictures of everything except the turkey. I didn't get to it before it was carved.

This has quite a few things in the picture!
Sweet N Savory Stuffing. Mac & Cheese Cups
Both my gravies!

Taste of Fall Salad
Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce
Mango Cranberry Sauce

Cresent Rolls & Cinnamon Honey Butter

Mashed Potatoes

Everything turned out great! Of Course there was also appetizers. But nothing too fancy. Just celery with cheese, celery with peanut butter, cheese ball, black olives and deviled eggs.

It was nice having everyone there but by the end of the day I was beyond exhausted. I definitley understand why Thanksgiving is only once a day. Tabbie, Jake, Bret and Mom all came up.
It was fun but I am glad it is over!
Now on to planning Christmas!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 24 of Thanks

Day 24: Kitchenaid!!
My Kitchenaid was something I put on my wedding registry as something I really wanted but never thought I would get because they are so expensive!
But Jonnys mother and one of her friends pitched in and got it for us! Isn't it beautiful!! I love it!
It is so helpful. Especially while cooking something big like Thanksgiving dinner!
I am so thankful we have it.
And of course its blue!
Now I am so excited to get the attachments!!

Day 23 of Thanks

Day 23: SLEEP
With having a 4 month old sleep is something of the past! But Jonny was amazing and took Kayden all night and only brought him to me when he was hungry! It felt so good!!! I slept till 9:30! Haven't done that in a while.
Its so funny how when Jonny and I were dating we stayed out till midnight every night! Now we are usually in bed by 10. Sleep is so underrated!!!!

Day 22 of Thanks

Day 22: Holy Ghost
I am so glad that I was baptized at 8 and given the gift of the Holy Ghost. He totally helps guide my life! I am just so glad for the power he has! 

Day 21 of Thanks

Day 21: Kayden's music box
When we first started using his music box it kept me up at night but put Kayden to sleep. Now it seems like I can't fall asleep without it! It calms Kayden down and helps him relax.
I am just so glad his amazing Nana spoils him.

Day 20 of Thanks

Day 20: Church
I am so thankful for my Church! I was so blessed to have been born into it. I love going to church and feeling like I am surrounded by family. I love that if I go to a ward on the other side of the country I will still learn the same things! I love how connected everyone is. I love the amazing support system!
I love everything about it.
I love knowing where I came from and where I am going. I love having a prophet that gets revelation for our church. I love having the priesthood in my home.
There is so much more but it would take days to list all the blessings of the church.
I am just so happy that I have it in my life!!

Day 19 of Thanks

Day 19: Lazy days!
I usually get pretty stir crazy when I don't do much all day but with having Kayden I very rarely have a day to just lay in my jammies and watch tv. There is usually cleaning, cooking and shopping to do. And I don't mean fun shopping I mean grocery shopping.
So now when I do get days to just stay in my jammies I really love it!!!!

Day 18 of Thanks

Day 18: Dishwasher!!
I HATE washing dishes by hand! Its so time consuming and when you have to touch soggy food its just gross. I am so glad I have my dishwasher to do that for me. Even if it doesn't work as well as I wish it did it is still better then washing them by hand!!!

Day 17

With having a baby there is very little quiet time. The only time I get it is when Jonny takes Kayden out for a walk or when Kayden sleeps. But when I do get it I love it so much!
I usually just spend it on the internet or just reading but not constantly having noise is so great!!!

Day 16

So Obviously I got behind in blogging what I was thankful for but now I am catching up!
Day 16: Thankful for Pinterest
I absolutely LOVE Pinterest!!! It has been so helpful this Christmas season. With my husband being a student and having a 4 month old money is a lil tight. This site has so many great ideas that definitely help stretch a buck! Plus these gifts seem so much more heartfelt because you put time into them and not just money!
For those of you who don't know what pinterest is its a website with online "corkboards" where you can "pin" anything you like from any website! It helps you keep track of all that online stuff you love instead of having a bajillion favorites!
I use it for crafts, planning a house, and things like that!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Truth Tuesday

Where did this last week go?!?
Well time for another truth tuesday.
So today while reading a yahoo news post I realized how sex driven people have become! Can you believe they have padded bras for 4 year olds!!! I was so shocked when I saw that. Who would really buy that for their child or even that their child wear that?! Kids shouldn't be thinking about things like bras, they should be playing and being carefree. I can't believe that parents allow things like this to be used by their kids. I would never allow my daughter to wear something like that.
While watching Toddlers and Tiaras I saw a little girl probably 3 or 4 dressed up as Julie Roberts in Pretty Woman! For those of you that haven't seen that movie Julie Roberts plays a prostitute. Why in the world would you dress your child up like a prostitute?
I am just so shocked when I see the way most little girls are dressed now! I'm not talking about 13-14 year olds (thats a whole nother issue!) I am talking about little girls who can't pick out things for themselves. Ones that their mothers buy and dress them without their kids opinions at all!
Now I am not saying if your kids pick out inappropraite outfits that it is okay to let them wear them, I am just saying you think parents would pick more appropriate attire for their child!
I am so disappointed with the direction society is pushing children. I am even more upset that their parents are not standing up to society! They are just enabling their children to dress completely inappropriate!
I promise that I will always dress my children modestly and to the standards I believe in!

Day 15 of Thanks

Day 15: I am so thankful for all the opportunites that have come my way lately. I am meeting with a modeling agency in less then 2 weeks. I'm not too nervous surprisingly I know that things will work out however they are suppose to work out. And then this summer I might be catering a wedding. That I am super excited about!!! It will be nice to try out the two things I am so passionate about to see what will best fit my family. Needless to say there will be lots of praying during this time.
I am just so greatful that Heavenly Father is giving me a shot at my dreams to decide what to do. I am just going to put all my faith in him that things will work out!
I just want to show my son and future children that anything is possible! Always fight for your dreams!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 14 of Thanks

Day 14: I am thankful for my big soft bed and my memory foam pillow. They make bedtime something to look forward to every night! I love curling up next to my hubby on our queen size pillow top mattress. Its so great. I love how everything just curls around me almost like a cacoon! Love my pillow and bed! Make life so great!!

Day 13 of Thanks

Day 13: I am thankful for friends. True friends that is! You can always tell who I true friend is because when they see something on facebook that concerns them they don't just comment on it, they text you to make sure you okay! They might not text you everyday but when they do text you it seems like no time has passed! They may live far away but you know if you needed them they would find a way to be there for you!
They know everything about you!
I am so thankful for a few special friends who have always been there when I've needed. Theyve treated me more like family then just a friend!
Caitlin is always one of the first to text me when somethings wrong!
Lindsay is always there to talk to!
They both do so much for me!
Love you both!!
I have so many other friends and I love you all!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 12 of Thanks

Day 12: I am soo thankful for warm blankets and coats!
It has been snowing quite hard here today. I was so glad to have a coat to put on before going out and a blanket to curl up with when I got home.
It might seem like a small thing to some people but it's something I think that is taken for granted most days!
I am so blessed for all the many thing I have been given!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 11 of Thanks

Day 11: I am so so thankul for all soldiers out there. Past and Present. And their familes making such a sacrafice to keep our country safe!
For all those men and women who fight for our country or who send off their loved ones to fight I just want to express my gratitude! It is such a sacrifice for them! They are willing to give so much for others, even their very lives.
Too give so much must be very hard!
I pray that they all come home safe. I pray that those who don't make it home will be remembered as the hero that they are. I pray their families will be shown much love and respect.
Happy Veterans Day Everyone! Thank someone who sacrifices so much to give you your country!!

Day 10 of Thanks

Day 10: I am so thankful for my car! It may not be new and it may not have all the things I wish it had but I am so glad I have anything!
Without my car my husband wouldn't be able to have his job because its too far away!
Without my car grocery shopping would be a nightmare!
Without my car Kayden would have to switch pediatricians! And I absolutely love the one we have!
Without my car I would not be able to take Kayden to see his Nana very often!
Without my car traveling any distance would be quite expensive!
I am just thankful for all the things my car allows me to do.
Without it life would be alot more difficult!!!

Day 9 of Thanks

Day 9: I am thankful for those people who have talent enough to write stories that take us away from this world. If only for a moment we can escape to anywhere they can dream up. We can escape from trials and sadness.
I am so grateful that some people have talent enough to create these stories of far away lands and magical creatures or of love and romance.
My favorite rainy day activity of curling up with a warm blanket by a window with a good book would not be possible without such authors!
I get so excited everytime I find a new book to put on my nook.
I just love reading!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Truth Tuesday

I hate when people give me advice when I haven't asked for it! Especially on facebook!
I know they do it to be nice and think they are helping but in truth I ignore that advice and get a little upset. When I don't ask for advice and someone gives it it feels like they are saying I am doing something wrong. Especially when it comes to my son. I have a mom and a doctor to give me all the advice I could want or ask for. I think I do a pretty good job raising him.
So please don't give advice or tip if I haven't asked for it! It doesn't go well.
If you have given me advice in the past please don't take this poorly. I am glad people want to help so much but I've got it covered unless I ask for help :)

Also I hate that Christmas Decorations are already up! Thanksgiving is still over 2 weeks away. So Christmas is over 6 weeks away. I love Thanksgiving because it is all about being thankful and family. There are no presents or anything like that to focus on. Just your blessings! I don't listen to music earlier then the day after Thanksgiving. I don't decorate or anything until then. But the day after Thanksgiving I crank up the Christmas music, put up the tree, and get right into the Christmas Spirit. I do love Christmas. But in its own time!
I am way excited for Christmas. Money is a little tighter this year so we are making presents for most the family and each other. I am way excited to see Jonny's face when he sees what I've come up with. But since the apartment is so small there is no where to hide presents. So I have to wait until after Thanksgiving and the tree is up so I can get the supplies, make the gifts, and wrap them and put them under the tree pretty fast. I just hope everyone likes what I make!

Day 8 of Thanks

Today I am thankful for the internet. It is so great to be able to keep in touch with people when you move! I love that distance doesn't matter with the internet. I love all the things you can do on the internet.
It makes life so much easier.
I just think it is sad how good things can be used for evil. Satan has way too much power now. But Gods power is much stronger. I love that we can use the internet to spread the gospel and learn so much ourselves.
I love being able to share things with family that is far away! If we didn't have much of my family still wouldnt have gotten to see my amazing son! I am just thankful for the internet in general!

Monday, November 07, 2011

Day 7 of Thanks

Today I am thankful for MY trials. Yesterday I was made aware of somebody elses trial. It was given in confidence so I can't say what it was. I felt so bad for them but it made me very thankful for my trials.
My trials are hard but I know they are given to me because I can overcome them. They are hard but they are mine!
I have been going through a hardtime lately but yesterday made me realize that everyone has hardships. Even though it seems really hard right now I know it will get better. I would definitely rather have my trials then anyone elses!

On another note I can't believe it is already day 7 of November! This blog is making me much more cheerful and enthusiastic about life. Counting your blessings really does make life easier. So instead of dwelling on your trials try to look at your blessings and I can tell you it definitely makes life easier!!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Day 6 of Thanks

Today I am thankful for medicine.
Kayden has had some minor medical problems. Not long after he was first born he got Jaundice pretty bad. Thankfully modern medicine was there to make him better! Today he was constipated. He was in so much pain it broke my heart. But thanks to a child suppository he is all functional again!
I am so glad medicine is there when we need it. If not how many of us would have made it to the age we are? I doubt I would have and I know my hubby wouldn't have! He is extremely accident prone.
The chance of my mom having 7 kids and still living without modern medicine. Very slim. The chance of all of us living pretty much unheard of. Thats why most people didn't have very many children.
I am so glad medicine is more advanced so I can have a big family without having to worry about not surviving labor.
I am so glad medicine has advanced to help with so many things that happen now. We don't have to worry about things like the flu. We are able to fix so many things that would be deathly before.
I am so thankful Heavenly father has advanced things in medicine. We are so lucky!!!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Day 5 of Thanks

Today I am thankful for the blessings of Tithing!
Money was getting a little tight this month. Jonny went to check the mail but all we had was a kmart ad. Kayden got fussy so he went back to the laundry room. He realized an envelope had fallen out of our mailbox that he hadn't noticed. It was from his mom. His step-dad got a bonus at work so they sent each of their kids $100 to got out to a nice dinner. We were so thankful. We did go out to lunch but no were as nice as they wanted. We used it to cover some things we needed around the apartment.
It seems like every time money gets tight we get a random check in the mail.
Last week we got a $25 check as a late wedding present!!
I am so glad we pay our tithing. I know that the money we recieve is a blessing for paying our tithing! I am so glad my Heavenly Father is always watching out for me!!
The church is true!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Day 4 of Thanks

Today I am thankful for my warm apartment.
I know I complain about its too small but I should be grateful its as big as it is!
 Its 2 bedrooms and the kitchen has an island that I love! Honestly we don't even need the second room. Kayden still sleeps in our room. We just have his stuff in there. So I am glad my hubby lets us live in a bigger place then we need even though its more expensive.
We also have cable and internet. A lot of apartment around here don't even have that. Some don't have Central heating and AC. And I am super grateful that we do! In the winter it gets really cold but our home is always nice and warm. And in the summer we have AC to keep away the heat!
We have so much in our little apartment and I am grateful for everything we have. We always have a full fridge and a soft place to sleep. Which is more than some!
I am so grateful for my apartment and everything in it.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Day 3 of Thanks

Today I am thankful for my son Kayden.
He has brought so much joy to my life in the last 3 months.
No matter how bad of a mood I am in when he smiles everything is better!
He brings a new adventure every day.
I am so glad we decided to expand our family. Some days are difficult but they are all worth it!
I love my lil one with all my heart!!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Day 2 of Thanks

Today I am thankful for my husband. He is amazing!
I have been sick the last couple of days and he has taken Kayden almost the whole time so I could get some rest and get feeling better. He even stayed home from work Monday night to take care of me. He works so hard to support our lil family. He is such a great father. Kayden always smiles when Jonny gets home from class. Its the cutest thing!!
There are a lot of single moms now and I can't immagine having to do that. Jonny is such a support for me. He works so I can stay home with Kayden. He goes to school so he can get a better job. He is agreeing to move early so that Kayden can be closer to his Nana.
I could go on and on about what an amazing husband I have. I am so glad he is mine!!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Truth Tuesday:Winter

I hate snow but love winter! I know it doesn't make much sense at first but I can explain! I hate scraping my cars windows every time I want to go any where. I hate trying not to slip on the ice. So I guess its not really the snow I hate its the ice. So if the snow could stay soft and fluffy like the bubbles in a bubble bath I would love it. But sadly this doesn't happen. Especially in rexburg....
I do, on the other hand, love the fashion of winter though. I love sweaters, boots, and lots of layers. I look forward to my winter wardrobe all year but hate the weather that joins it. I love that girls are pretty much forced to cover up! I hate when girls show absolutely everything. They should have some modesty for goodness sakes!!
Well winter is pretty much here. The cold weather is definitely! Now just to wait for the snow so I can wear my boots all the time!!

Day of Thanks #1

I have decided I need to focus more on what I do have! So every day from November 1st until Thanksgiving I am going to blog about one thing I am thankful for. Thats 24 things to be greatful for!
So today is #1.
I am grateful for my mom! She is so amazing and helpful. She has always worked super hard to support me. This past weekend when we went up to her house she got up at like 3 in the morning saturday morning to help with Kayden because he wouldnt quit screaming. Not only that but she sent me back to bed!
Saturday night she slept on the loveseat for half the night because Kayden and I were on the couch. She got up everytime he did to help us! Around 3 I sent her to bed and got Jonny up.
My mom is such an inspiration to me. She is loving and supportive. She has always been there when times have gotten hard. She truly is my best friend!
I love her so much!
I am so greatful to have someone like her in my life!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


To be honest I hate Halloween. I don't like dressing up. I don't like getting scared. I  just don't really like anyting about it.
I am excited for Kaydens first Halloween though. He is going trunk or treating at his nanas new ward. He is gonna be a tiger. It'll be really cute.
As for me, I will not be dressing up. I'm not sure whether or not Jonny will. We don't have anything planned for him but who knows.
I am excited to carve pumpkins this weekend though. Except cleaning them out makes me gag... Oh well.
After Halloween comes Thanksgiving! Which is my favorite holiday! YAY
Well Early Happy Halloween to everyone

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pocatello plans

So we changed our plans and decided we want to move to Pocatello.
Jonny is in the process of trying to transfer to ISU. It is super exciting. If he gets accepted we have to find him a job there. Then we have to see if we can get a home loan! If we can we are buying a house!! I am so stoaked!!! I've really wanted a house as you prolly know. We have even found some that would be really affordable! Like less than half what we pay for this lil apartment!
I just so hope this works out.
I want my son near his nana and I want him to have a yard.
But there will be lots of prayers the next couple of weeks to make sure we make the best decisions. I wouldn't want to make the wrong decision with something as long term as a house!
So once Jonny's application is in we should know in 2 weeks. So in about 3 weeks we will know whether or not he got in. Then we will have lots to figure out! I want to plan for a house but I should prolly work on a back up plan too. So on to house hunting and apt hunting!
Wish me luck!!!

Truth Tuesday: MY RECIPES

I love to cook! One of my favorite things is having friends over and cooking a big meal for them. The best compliment to me is when people tell me what a good cook I am.
Well since we have people over alot I get asked for my recipes quite a bit. I know I should be flattered by that but honestly I don't like it. I am stingy! Most peoples treasured items are pictures or clothes or something like that. Mine is my recipes.
 I worked hard to make my recipes! I don't want other people using them. Thankfully I don't really use recipes so I just tell people that so I don't offend them. I know whats in my recipes but I dont measure it out so its hard to tell them recipes. But to be truthful even if I used recipes I don't think I would hand them out. They are special to me. And they come with alot of work and experimenting in the kitchen!
So if I have you over for dinner and you enjoy the meal please don't ask for my recipes! Just tell me if you enjoy it!
I know its silly and I should hand out my recipes but..... well like I said I'm stingy with them! One day when I am older I am sure I will try to actually write down recipes to pass them on to my children but thats prolly the only people I will give them to.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Date Night

So last night we had the funnest date night!
First off we baked sugar cookies shaped like different halloween things.
While waiting for them to cool I cooked dinner. We kept trying to get Kayden to sleep but he was not cooperating.
Then we watched Zookeeper! It is a great movie. I love it! While watching we also decorated the cookies. It was kind of difficult since Kayden was up but it as fun. We just took turns holding him.

 We haven't had a date night like that in quite a while. It was great even though it didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped it would but I still really enjoyed it. Here's a picture of our cookies after they were all done!!

My cookies

Jonnys cookies

Even though its hard to get out I am glad we are finally getting back into our date night routine. Since we aren't comfortable leaving Kayden yet they are still hard to do but definitely worth the effort. And next month Kayden starts eating baby food and then hopefully we can start leaving him with baby sitters. We've only left him once with someone who wasn't family and that was only for like 40 minutes and I was a nervous wreck!
Well it will get easier with time!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

House Crazy

I know you've heard of baby crazy or marriage crazy. Well I am house crazy. I guess I have just moved through the  last couple of stages of life pretty fast so I am ready for the next one!
I want a big house with a big yard! I want Jonny to be done with school at working at a pharmacy already! If only if only. I am really trying to be patient but I am not very good at it. I am love having my own place but I am ready to have my own house. I am just so excited to have the holidays in a house in stead of a small apartment.
I thinkt he biggest contributor to this is that I moved a ton as a kid so I'm not use to being in one place too long. And Rexburg is getting  little old to be honest. It snows pretty much year round. And its so cold! I want snow but only in winter!!
Well I finally found something to help the desire to have a house now. Its this fun little website called Pinterest. Its great! I can find stuff I want to decorate my house or different features I want the house to have and pin them to this little board to keep track of it all!!
I just have to learn to enjoy the stage of life I am in now instead of constantly rushing to get to the next one! That is just alot easier said then done.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Colombus Day

So our bank is all the way in idaho falls. We went there to deposit out financial aid check, VA check and Jonny's pay check. We were gonna have lots of money (but most of it is going to pay off debt). After getting all the way there we realize the parking lot is really empty. I then remember while watching Rachel Ray this morning (I am slightly addicted) she mentioned it was Columbus Day. Silly me didn't think about this in reference to the bank being closed until we pulled into the parking lot!
We laughed a little and decided to just deposit it in the atm. But the car in front of us broke the atm! AH!!
Well atleast we had other things to do. So we went to JCPenney, returned some items and bought Kayden a coat.
We also cleaned my ring. I always forget how shiny it is until I get it cleaned. Then I am always surprised and play with the shin for the rest of the day!
My favorite part of the day is when we bought the cutest lil jumper for Kayden. We have been walking past it quite a bit in the mall. It says IpooD. I love it! Silly Jonny didn't get it for the longest time. The only size they had was 12 months so itll be a while before it fits but I just had to have it!
So I guess its okay we drove all the way to Idaho Falls even if the bank was closed. Now we just are gonna have to go back in a couple days.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Mini Golf with Kayden

So tonight Jonny was getting a lil stir crazy so we went to mini golf at Fat Cats. They have 9 holes for like 3 bucks each. But after hole 3 Kayden got really fussy. We forgot a bottle silly us!(Check the link to find out about our formula adventure)  And I don't think he really liked the black lights.
At first we were gonna take lots of pictures but once he got fussy we just pushed through.
This is the only picture we were able to take.
It was fun to get out but the group in front of us was kind of obnoxious. The guy was laying on the floor hitting the golf ball like pool. Then when they were at hole 9 they were talking about going backwards and doing it again. I thought that was quite sad that they would do that but thankfully they were honest and didn't.
I really wanted to play a round of bowling but Kayden didn't seem like he would allow it. But on our receipt there is a thing to get a free round of bowling when you do asurvery. So we will go back maybe next friday and do that.

Sweetest husband ever!!!

So today I have been having a very rough day. My hubby being the sweetest guy alive did everything to try to cheer me up.
His last attempt was offering to use the fund we have put aside for christmas for him to take me to the black swan inn for the weekend. Of course I told him no. I love christmas too much. But it really cheered me up to know how lucky I am to have gotten a husband who cares so much about me he is willing to give up Christmas.
After that I told myself to suck it up and started doing things for him and I instantly started feeling better. My latest thing was looking for christmas presents for him! I so love the holidays and they are almost here!!!
Thank you so much to the love of my life! I can't immagine what would have happened if we weren't both hired at Wingers back in January of 2010. I am so glad we get to spend our lives and all eternity together!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Hot Cocoa

So I have mixed feelings about winter.
Since its starting to get cold my closet of sweaters, skinny jeans and boots is calling out to me! As well as the hot cocoa and heater!
I love going out all dressed in my winter gear with a  warm cup of cocoa in my hand. But on the downside it is quite hard to get me out of bed, and even harder to get my outside on a cold day!
My body just does not hold heat well!!
But since I have a baby and have to get out of bed now I taught my hubby a trick to make it easier. My mom learned this trick while we were out camping. She would do everything she could think of to get me out of bed but I usually just burrowed deeper under my covers! So one morning she made me some hot chocolate. I stuck my hand out from my warm bed and she would hand it to me. I would then sit up and drink my cocoa. By the time it was gone I would be awake enough to get up!
So I told my hubby this trick. He attempted this morning but the essential part he missed is I must get my cocoa while still in bed! If I am already up Ill prolly be a lil crabby and tired because of the cold.
Today also I turned on our heater. I am currently on the couch with one blanket on my legs and one around my shoulders. I know I know I am a wimp when it comes to winter!
I am excited to bust out my sweaters though!
So heres to keeping warm during those cold months!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Truth Tuesday

So on one of my friends blog that I think is amazing she does this really cute thing called truth tuesday. I told her I might steal the idea so I think I'm gonna give it a shot.
So today my son was sleeping alot and so I got to cuddle him and just relax. This is definitely my favorite time! I know its kind of sad but I look forward to when they get older and get a cold. I just remember when I was younger and sick I relied on my mom so much! I just want to be able to take care of them that way.
Well I can't bare to think that Kayden's first word could be anything but mama. So I might possibly move his chin up and down while I say mamamamamama. I think its working! He is starting to make the ma noise! I am so happy.
I know its still I while away but all I can think about lately is Thanksgiving! Last thanksgiving Jonny and me went to my moms for dinner. So this will be our first Thanksgiving in our home and its even specialer because its Kaydens first thanksgiving and he will be eating baby food by then! I so can't wait to cook that much food! I love cooking!
I know its weird but store bought baby food scares me. There just has been so many recalls because of things like glass getting in there so I really want to make our own baby food. We want to buy a baby bullet so we can make it easily. I know we will get tons of baby food from wic but that would be good for foodstorage or good until we save up the money from a baby bullet. They are only like $60 but we have a pretty set budget. But hopefully we will get one soon!
Well I know this has been totally random but I think I might keep this up!

Monday, October 03, 2011

Conference weekend

This weekend was super great. I love being a member of a church that has a living prophet today!
We were able to watch all 4 sessions! It was so inspiring. I loved the talk Elder Anderson gave about having kids. It made me feel so good to know that we are following what the Lord wants us to do.
President Monson is such a great speaker too! He is just so easy to relate to and you can tell how much he loves us.
Overall it was a super inspiring weekend! I am so glad we have the technology to be able to watch conference in our own homes!
I am just way excited to be able to read the talks next month when the ensign comes out! I love going over them again and getting even more insight on what they were trying to teach us.

Friday, September 30, 2011

first date night after Kayden

Tonight is the first time Jonny and I got to go out on a date night since we had Kayden. Of course Kayden came with us. We went out to dinner at JBs. At first Kayden was super fussy. Then he fell asleep and we were able to eat. He woke up right as we were finishing. He was so cute he just stared at the tv above us.
Then we went to Walmart to get me more makeup and diapers. I so needed the makeup! I was out of eyeliner and mascara! It was horrible. But now I have lots! YAY!!
Then we stopped at the farmers market. We didnt stay long. We just went for short walk and looked at everything. Then Kayden was super upset so we came home.
It was so nice to get out with Kayden. It was even nicer that Kayden slept for most of it.
We talked and talked about anything and everything. It wasn't that long of a date but it was still a date. And on friday night too! I know! Crazy right?!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

14 months

As of today I have been married to the love of my life for 14 months!!!
Its crazy that I am old enough to have been married this long.
The past 14 months have come with many things.
A few tears  no marriage is perfect
Many laughs we both have our blonde moments
1 night apart meps... it was horrible
1 amazing vacation vegas!!!
Redecorating :D
Setting up the nursery
And Having our son!
Life couldn't be any better. I am so glad we both got hired at wingers January 2010. Who would've known 6 months later we would get married!
Love u Jonny!!!

new clothes after having a baby

So yesterday I finally was able to go clothes shopping since having Kayden. Which was much needed. My clothes were ALL either stretched out from being pregnant or no longer fit cause sadly I didnt shrink back to my prepregnanct weight.
So Jonny and I went to JCPenney and shopped a good bit. First we got him clothes cause he has lost weight too. He didnt want to try some stuff on at first but once he did he seemed to have fun and we got him some nice stuff.
Then it was my turn and honestly it was a lil depressing at first. Nothing fit right at first. My jeans were the only thing that I grabbed the right size in. I only went from a size 3 to a size 5. So I wasn't too upset about that. But my tops went up to a large. And it was hard finding cute ones that will be easy to feed Kayden in. And I went up a couple sizes in skirts too. Even my shoe size went up! I mean come on! What didnt change?!?!
After having to try most things on in a couple sizes and stopping a couple times to feed Kayden I was able to make some progress. I still need to go back for a few things but I was able to get quite a bit. Jonny was really supportive and kept telling me I look great even though I was upset about buying bigger sizes.
Thankfully I was able to find some really cute outfits that fit perfect and are easy for feedings.
After a couple rough spots I was able to have some fun. I mean I guess I should be glad that I only have about an extra 7 pounds on me after having a baby. But now that I have new clothes that fit right I feel alot better about my body.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Coupon Class at Relief Society

So this past wednesday I taught a couponing class at our relief society activity. I was really nervous but It turned out really good.
I think I helped alot of people. I had lots of girls come up and thank me for the class. I really enjoyed teaching others something so useful.
I also got to go to two other classes but Kayden didnt cooperate for the first one. So I just caught parts of the food storage class which was pretty cool. Jonny and I really need to work on food storage. I am planning on going to the school and picking apples to can to help us work on that.
I think the best part of the activity was getting to meet so many girls in my ward. I really am in a great ward. I just need to put myself out there more to meet the girls. They are fun and sweet. Since we are prolly going to be here for the next year I definitely want to get to know some more girls. It will be nice to make more friends that are in the same stage of life that we are.

getting closer after having a baby

So after having a baby Jonny and I have been adjusting to parenthood. I think we let our relationship slack a little bit. After we got accustomed to parenthood we realized we had quit doing to much for our relationship. So this week we've been working really hard on getting some us time. Its been really nice. We've been making each other breakfast and when kayden naps we cuddle up and talk.
We've been growing alot closer. Its so fun its almost like we are newlyweds all over again. Only we have a baby. Which makes life even more interesting.
This morning Jonny watched Kayden while I took a bath then I made smoothies and omelettes for breakfast. Then we went for a walk. It was fun being together so much this morning.
Also Jonny took a whole day off to spend time together. He missed his classes wednesday. Sadly I was a bad wife and didnt encourage him to go. So we just spent so much time together and bonded alot!
I think its important for a marriage to be even stronger once you have a child but sometimes that gets forgotten when life is uprooted so dramatically. But now it feels like we have the perfect little family. A dad, a mom, a baby and a cat!
Life is good!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

trying to be super mom!

So I have realized lately how hard it is to be a mom and  wife! Being a mom is super time consuming! Then through in trying to make time for the hubby and keep the apartment clean and cook meals! AHH!
Luckily I have an amazing hubby who has been super supportive of me adjusting to this. He works full time and still helps a ton with Kayden and the apartment. I don't know how he does it! He is too good to me.
Kayden is finally sleeping in about 4 hour stretches throught the night so he usually only wakes up like 3-4 times!! He still has some rough nights but the good ones make up for it.
So Jonny starts school back next week and I'm really nervous. I know he is gonna need more sleep so I shouldn't let him help so much at night but I really like my sleep. I think I'm gonna have to learn to adjust without it. Thankfully he will be cutting his hours back alot and most of his classes our online so he can be here but I need to make sure he has time to actually do the stuff for the online classes.
Needless to say there is gonna be alot of new adjustments the next couple weeks and lots of caffeine to help!
Also today I was outside with Kayden and one of the married guys that lives he was outside on the phone screaming and cussing. I am so glad Jonny isn't like that. Jonny is quite mellow and its definitely a good thing cause if he was like that I don't think we would work so well together.
Well not much more has happened but I have decided that I need to post on this blog more often. I have another blog specifically about Kayden so he will have something to read about when he was a baby. But this one is more about my life and I should post more about it!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tithing Blessings

So Jonny is out of school for the summer break. I know most people love when they are out of school and they hate going back to school because it is so expensive. But we actually make money while Jonny is in school. So since he is out of school money is a little tight.
This week money was particularly tight especially with just having a baby. We were gonna make it but just barely.
Well Jonny and I were just watching tv and we got a knock at the door. Our neighbor was standing there with a bag full of diapers. Her kid had grown out of them and wanted to know if we could use them! They were the right size for Kayden and everything. There were 85!!!
This is just such a blessing for us.
I knew that by following what Heavenly Father asked of us that he would help us make it along! I am so glad that we are part of this church with such great members!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

1 year come and gone already!!!

Yesterday was our 1 year anniversary! It is so crazy that a year ago I was waking up in what would become our first apartment! I was so excited/nervous that morning. I wasn't nervous about becoming a wife, going to the temple, or anything like that. I was nervous about being late or something not going perfectly but I was mostly just excited. I called my mom quite a few times making sure she would be here on time to help me get ready. Bret, mom and Jacob showed up right on time. I called jonny a couple times to make sure everything was going smoothly with him. Eric (his bestman) was there helping him get ready. Bret brought us 2 doughnuts. One for me and one for Jonny. Jonny came over to pick up a check from my mom. Then he left to finish getting ready and I finished too. He came back to pick me up and we rode to the temple hand in hand.
That morning didnt go perfectly but it was the perfect memory. I cried quite hard in the sealing room thinking about how everything I ever wanted was coming true. We had a great day together!
This last year so much has happened. We have lived 3 different places. We got a cat. We went to vegas. The best part was finding out we were pregnant and having our son.
We havent had a perfect marriage. We have had our arguments. We have had times were money was really tight. But the times were we cuddle on the couch, go to the park or lay in bed late at night just talking far outweigh the hard times!
I am so glad Jonny and I met working at wingers January 2010 and he was stubborn enough to keep trying to get my attention.
This last year has been the best of my life. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Becoming Parents

So 4 days ago the most miraculious thing happened. Heavenly Father sent down one of his sons to join our family.
Being a parent is strangly easier then I expected. When people say it is easier when it is your own kid they are totally telling the truth but its hard to believe them until you have your own kid.
I was really nervous about the adjustment that has to come with becoming a parent because both Jonny and I are the youngest in our family so neither of us have much experience with young kids. Especially not with newborns! But thankfully things have come really smoothly. Kayden is a great baby and I feel so blessed that he is mine.
Well the adjustment hasnt been completely smooth. Jonny has troubles with the nighttime portion of being parents. He just doesnt wake up all the way so his common sense doesnt really kick in which really frustrates me. I try to relax cause I know getting upset will do no good but its really hard sometimes. I am trying just to laugh things off.
During the day things go pretty well though.
I think the hardest thing for me has been the pain that comes with giving birth. I guess I was so nervous worrying about labor I didnt take the time to think about afterbirth pains. Which let me tell you are really bad! I had really bad tearing so that just makes it worse. I am on quite a bit of meds but they just take the edge off.
But all in all I am very thankful that my husband is so supportive of me. He gets up with every feeding even though he cant really help. He changes a ton of diapers. Usually he changes more than I do! I just tell him I put the food in so he should clean it up when it comes out :). He rubs my legs at night while I am feeding Kayden and he talks to me to keep me awake when I am falling asleep during a feeding. He even will rock Kayden to try to get him to settle down in the other room so I can get some rest! I couldnt ask for anything more! I know there is no way I could do this without him!
I am also very thankful that Kayden is such an exception to the typical baby. His labor was really short for it being my first time. He latches right on usually on his own pretty much everytime! And he sleeps really well. He is pretty much never fussy. He has never cried without a reason. And usually he doesnt even cry then. I am not sure if we just pick up on what he wants before he gets upset or if he is just really patient. Who knows!
Lastly I am really thankful for the help the ward has given me. Even though I dont know pretty much anyone in the Relief Society I have had meals brought every day since I got home and have the last one coming tomorrow. It has been so nice not having to worry about that while I am taking care of Kayden and myself.

Monday, June 27, 2011


So I have been trying to find a new hobby. Since Jonny is in school and job hunting a ton I am stuck at home alot. I am very very anxious to have this kid so I am trying to keep busy and a new hobby seems to be the best way.
So I have been trying out couponing the last two weeks. It has been difficult getting started but once I figured out the best way for me to do it its been quite easy.
Today was my first shopping trip!
We got 4 boxes of cereal, 3 packages of BBQ meat, 3 pre made sides, 2 packages of hot dogs, 2 salad packages, 1 can of febreeze, 8 tyson mini chicken sandwiches, 2 things of deodorant, a thing of litter, and some razors!!!
Oh and we earned a free gallon of milk on our next purchase!
Overall we spent $48.93 and saved $51.01!!!  We saved almost 51%!!!
I was so excited when I got home!!
And this was our first shopping trip!
Not only does it feel great to have a new hobby that helps pass the time but I am saving us money in the process!! Its so fun I would totally encourage anyone who has patience and a lil bit of extra time every week to figure it out!
IT feels so good to be able to contribute without having to go to work!
I don't know about all you other girls but sometimes it is hard for me to watch Jonny work while I just do stuff around the apartment. So feeling like I am contributing again really is great! But it is all about finding what works in your relationship <3

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Make your own fun!!! For Free!!!

So lately I have noticed Jonny and I haven't laughed half as much as we first did when we got married.
I realized that at some point we stopped coming up with fun things to do and just expected the fun to happen.
As I lay in bed thinking about it late last night I decided that something needed to change!
The inspiration came partially today while watching Rachel Ray but it is an idea that has been forming since I started watching Chopped (Yes I absoluetly love cooking shows). So Jonny and I have been trying to figure out how to do something similar to chopped between the two of us, but we couldnt figure out a way for it to work with just one kitchen. But today on Rachel Ray the solution came. Rachel occastionally has a guy on the show known as The 5 Ingredient Guy! She has audience members or just other fans submit ingredient ideas. The first 5 ingredients submitted he takes and makes a meal out of it.
So that is what I decided to do.
When Jonny came home from class I gave him the idea. And we decided thats what we will do for lunch to use up extra ingredients laying around the house for now on.
Today we started off with Jonny cooking and me picking the ingredients. It was pretty fun! I picked:
  1. peanut butter
  2. bacon
  3. lasagna noodles
  4. sour cream
  5. blueberries
I told him I wasn't sure if he could do it so he could tell me and I would change some ingredients.
After staring at everything for a lil bit he started cooking. Then finally admitted that he couldn't figure out a way to use blueberries. So I gave him caramel hot cocoa powder!
He made a pretty good lunch. He made a casserole out of the bacon, sour cream, noodles and some other ingredients out of the kitchen. He kinda overkilled it with 4 types of cheese but its okay. Then he melted the Peanut Butter added the hot cocoa powder and poured it over chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Kinda strong flavored but not bad!  Pretty good for his first time. I am excited for tomorrows lunch so that I can try to figure something out.
I am just really excited we had a free way to have fun! We laughed and smiled the whole time. So once your married and when money gets tight there is always ways to have fun! Remember that as your marriage seems to go into a routine. Get out of it and have fun! Find ways to use things that you have and have a blast!

Friday, May 27, 2011

10 months of marriage

It is so crazy that 10 months has already passed since the day I walked into the temple with my husband.
Even in the last month we have grown so much closer together. I can't even imagine how much closer we will be once we have our child together.
Now marriage is amazing but no marriage is absolutely perfect. But as long as you forget about the stupid little arguments and remember the times he has surprised you with flowers or helped you clean it feels perfect.
One of my good friends who recently got engaged got the best advice from her soon to be father-in-law.
Date with eyes wide open. Be married with eyes half closed!
I completely agree. When you are dating make sure you notice every flaw so that you know what you are getting into. For example, Jonny has a tendency to be late. It drives me nuts but it is totally worth all the amazing qualities he has. So don't expect to find Mr. Perfect, just make sure you don't give up something you really wanted because you decided to ignore a bad habit.
Once you are married you have to learn to ignore the bad habits. If you find yourself always noticing the bad habits of your spouse a little trick someone told me is every time you notice one name off 10 good things about your spouse. This is really a good idea when you have pregnancy hormones!!!!
I can't remember where I heard this. But I once heard if you are having problems seeing your spouse the way you did when you got married look in the mirror and think You're no cup of tea either!
Neither of you are perfect!
Well now I'll get off my lil soap box!
I just hate seeing marriages fall apart.
I just have to say I do have an absolutely amazing marriage. My husband spoils me beyond belief. The other day he brought me home Diamond Earrings!!! Just to show me he loves me and to show how nmuch he appreciates me carrying our child even though its not easy. He is so amazing! I don't know how I ever caught his eye. And to think I ignore him at first!!! Thanks Heavens he kept trying.
I love you Jonny with all my heart! I am so glad you are mine <3

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

9 months of marriage!

Marriage is the best! I highly recommend it!
Within the last 9 months so much has happened. I got married, moved twice, found out I am pregnant, went on vacation, been through many holidays, and learned so much about my husband!
When you are with so one so much you can't help to learn everything about this person! My favorite memories of the last nine months is the nights where we just lie in bed talking for sometimes hours! We seem to learn the most about each other in the simpiliest of elements. It is so fun to share things from our childhood and then dream about Kayden's future!
I know this is crazy, but I love when I wake up from nightmares at night cause you always hold my until I fall back asleep and make sure I am okay.
It is so crazy that 9 months have already passed. Some days it feels like we've been married for years but most days it doesn't even feel like its been 6 months!
I am so lucky to be able to spend everyday with the man I am so desperately in love with! I love falling asleep and waking up next to him! I love cooking dinner for him! I love everything about married life! It is just so fulfilling. <3
So to all the newlyweds and engaged couples: Love every minute you have together! Time really does fly by. Focus on the good! Forget about the bad. Just remember that you have just as many flaws as your spouse if not more! So you are lucky!!! <3

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our first easter as husband and wife

So tomorrow is our first easter married. Last year we were engaged but I dont think we did anything. Actually I am pretty sure we didn't. But we wanted to do something for each other this year.
Here is one of our funny quarks though we want pretty much everything to be a surprise but we can't stand to be apart when we don't have to.
To be honest I thought the urge to constantly have to be together would have faded some in the last nine months but it hasnt at all <3
Well we wanted to get each other easter candy but of course it had to be a surprise, but we didn't want to be apart to actually get the candy. So today we did the funniest/cutest thing. We went to walmart to get the candy and each got a shopping basket. We then went up and down each isle pretty much back to back. So we were together but couldnt see what the other one was getting us <3
We then went to different check outs and bought our candy and of course Jonny had to tell his cashier what we were doing and she told us we were definitely the cutest couple of the day.
I love spending each new holiday with Jonny and making our own familiy traditions. It is just great to feel like we are our own family! I just can't wait for Kayden to come so our family is more complete.
To all the newlyweds and engaged couples:  enjoy each new holiday and remember you can get rid of some of the old family traditions and start your own. It is so fun to celebrate things your own way!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

AMAZING DEAL!!! Cheap Fresh Produce!!!

Todays blog is a lil different then normal but my mom told me about this deal and I just had to share it!!!
How would you like to get a laundry basket of fresh produce for $15!!! Well the first time you do this there is a $3 starter fee but its still a STEAL. This is done by volunteers so it is really cheap. They buy as local as they can so its a great way to reinvest in your community and america.
It is available in 11 states! Check out the website to see if there is a pickup location close to you.
All you do is buy it online monday morning with a card and pick your pickup location. Then saturday morning you have 20 minutes to pick up your basket. There is usually a line to wait to get it. So make sure you get there early so it is faster and bring your receipt.
Jonny and I bought our first basket today and we got 3 oranges, 3 mangos, 7 red apples, 2 big things of strawberries, a honeydew, a head of lettuce, big head of celery, big thing of broccoli, 2 onions, and a couple handfuls of what we think are baby zucchini.
 Trying getting all that for $15! You can also buy different add ons like Decorate yourself cookies or bread.
You never know what is gonna be in the basket it all depends on the season. But it is a great way to incorporate fresh produce in to your diet!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Finding a balance

It is so strange when you get married because a huge change happens. When you are dating it is perfectly normal to spend all your time with them and you do because it is so new and you have so much you want to learn about the new person. Once you are engaged you are together every second planning and dreaming of the future. But then you get married..... It is amazing and great but eventually reality steps in. And you realize you have to do other things besides spend time together. Eventually there is school or work or in some cases Both!!!
For us girls I think it is harder because we have given up a ton to devote every waking moment to you. Not that that is a bad thing it is just what we do. But when reality sets in we realize we need hobbys, girlfriends, or something of our own. Because as amazing as doteing on you is we need to do somethng for us too.
Guys seem to adjust to this easier. I think this is mostly because they are usually the providers. So they know they have to go off and work so that they can provide for their wives and family. So when they are off and about they are able to take their them time. But when we(the wives) are mostly at home we are doing things for them even when they arent here!
Lately I have noticed that after nine months of marriage I am still not doing something for me! I love doing things for my hubby but when I run out of things to do I feel kind of lost. Because I have given up most things that don't revolve around my new marriage. So I keep trying to start new hobbies or just something to do for me. But most the time I quicky lose interest. I am not sure if its because I feel like I should be doing more around the apartment or if its because I am easily distracted. Probably a combination of both.
But to the wives, engaged girls, and girls planning for the future: Find something for you and don't let go of it. Don't let it come between you two but Find a balance. Remember you need something for yourself to make you happy. And lets face it if we arent happy the hubby isnt happy :)
To the husbands, engaged men, and guys planning for the future: When we are having a hard time with this try to be understanding. It doesnt seem to be as easy for us. Encourage us to find something for ourself and to keep trying until we find something we love doing.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Arguments happen!

No marriage is perfect.
Although we like to act like it is or immagine it is, It isnt. Arguments and disagreements are gonna happen. No two people think exactly the same so feelings will get hurt.
Just remember to never run away from your problems. One of my brilliant sisters told me that when you get married you give up the right to sleep somewhere else. I agree. No matter how bad the fight or how hurt you are, where you live with your spouse is your home and you should stay there!
Be careful what you say. Words hurt so much more than anything else. It sticks in your mind and even though you try to forget they randomly will sneak up in the back of your mind and they continue to burn.
It is okay to walk away. When you are getting too wound up or too upset just take a break. Go for a walk, a drive, or just into another room. You just have to realize when it is time to walk back in the room and talk it out.
Never go to bed angry! You will never sleep well. And when you wake up you are usually more upset then when you went to bed.
To the newlyweds and engaged couples remember: Marriage is forever! You chose this. The good times far outway the bad. Just focus on the good and try to forget the bad. And when you forgive someone do it completely and never bring it back up!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

New family!!!

When you first get married its weird rearranging who is your first priority. For me it was my mom before. For a while after I got married I never really had to pick between the two. It was so nice! But eventually drama hit, not with my mom we are as close as ever!
 It is so hard to put the baby and Jonny in front of the rest of my family! After a long break down, tons of chocolate, and advice from one of my sisters I was able to come to terms with the fact that my new family is now first. Me putting them first doesnt make me a bad person. 
For the engaged and married couples: Readjusting who is the most important person in your life is hard but it has to be done eventually. I would start doing it sooner rather than later! So when drama hits it makes it alot easier to adjust! Just remember your family comes first!!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

Growing together instead of apart

Lately it seems like everything that could go wrong has gone wrong! It is pretty frustrating.
Like we try to do everything right but yet it still goes wrong.
I know trials happen and I know we have to learn things from it.
I just wish we didn't have to learn so much at once!
Thankfully I have a really supporting husband in these stressful times.
I mean I know I am being a handful lately but its hard with being pregnant plus stressed out. I try not to say much cause I feel like I don't deserve to complain when I'm not really contributing.... But how do you contribute when you are super sick??? I mean I cook and clean. But I just want to do more! So my husband doesnt have to do so much!
Any advice would be well welcomed!
I mean we have learned tricks to grow together instead of apart. We talk a ton. And I have learned to let him know when I am being hormonal. I just wish it wasn't so hard. I know it'll get even worse once we have kids cause we will have even more things pulling us in different directions but I want to grow as close as possible during the pregnancy so its not so hard after.
Well to all the married couples and expectant couples: Try to be supporting in the hard times. Girls try to hold in the hormones. I know its hard but it is hard for them too.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A name is forever.....

So we had our first ultrasound and got adorable pictures of our baby to be.
It's totally crazy to think that I will have a son in less than 6 months.
But as soon as we knew for sure what it was the name we had decided on seemed to haunt me. I mean once you give your child a name thats it! I would never want my son to be teased! So I have to think of the perfect name. But part of me is just whatever when it comes to the name. I mean I have a while to decide right? I guess thats the procrastinator coming out in me. It's just hard to find something we both love. And my husband likes common names. I like more unique or classy names. I hate unisex names. When you hear a childs name you should know whether it is a boy or a girl. And the name we had picked was kinda unisex....
But on the upside we did pick the nursery theme! It is gonna be moon and stars. We found the cutest bed set. That fits perfectly with what we want!
We also have the perfect apartment picked out and will be moving in in april. I so can't wait to start setting up my home! I can't wait to be a mom!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Update on the Baby!!!

So yesterday was my first baby appointment! When I went I was hopeing when I left that I would actually feel pregnant. Thankfully I do!!!
The baby is healthy and I felt so releaved! It is just good to know that little Baby Tharp is growing and totally on course to join our family.
The new due date is actually July 18th so our baby will be here even sooner than expected!
Yesterday we acutally got to hear the heartbeat too! It was such an incredible experience. It made it all feel so real. The heartbeat was super fast too! Jonny said it sounded like a dog because you could hear a roof noise.
I am just so excited to be a mom and am so thankful for all the support I have gotten!!
Thanks to everyone!!