Thursday, December 30, 2010

Moving stresses....

I totally hate moving but I always end up moving All the time!!
It seems funny that I am suppose to avoid things that stress me out for the baby and yet all of those things seem to be happening right now!!! Trying to deal with post holiday stress, moving stress, work stress, and pregnancy stresses!!
We are trying to be good and contact everyone and thank them for their presents and cards and everything! But we have very little time because we are trying to pack and clean and we both work!!
Moving is EVIL! Okay okay its not that bad but of course the morning of the day I am suppose to spend the whole day packing I mess up my neck!!! Plus I am always super nausious!! I feel bad that I cant do much but if I try packing for more than a couple minutes I get sick! I really want to help but I need to keep down stuff for the baby! Plus I have acid reflux caused by the pregnancy and I cant take medicine for it!!!
I really want to work so I feel useful plus we could use the money to save for the amazing nursery that I want! But I get sick all the time and work is super draining..... Hopefully it will pass after the first trimester which is almost over!!!
Plus being pregnant is stressful! I know its suppose to be super happy and exciting time..... dont get me wrong some of the time it is. But being sick is not fun or exciting!! And I dont even feel pregnant! I just feel sick!!!!!
Ah!!! I know I am kinda complaining alot but I just have to let it out.
SO To all the pregnant moms, and newlyweds: Life is stressful!!!! Find ways to deal with it together! WOrk through it! Realize when the other one needs more help!!!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Sometimes it doesnt seem real

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and am surprised that I have my own home, a ring on my finger, and a baby on the way! Since I am not showing at all yet the latter or is the hardest to grasp. It just seems like a perfect dream and I am afraid I will wake up and it will be gone. I think I need to focus on enjoying it instead of waiting for it to end. I think that is one of my biggest flaws. I am always waiting for the good to end....
In my head I can't understand how someone as amazing as my husband would want to be with someone like me! In my head him wanting to have children with me is even harder to grasp!
I know that he thinks I am amazing Im just not sure why.
I know some of this is definitely the hormones, but the future seems scary at times. It doesnt help that my parents are divorced and divorce is everywhere now adays. I know that my husband and I will never get a divorce but it is a scary thought that someone who loves you so much one moment could decide they no longer love and just leave the next moment!
I'm sorry this blog isn't happy. I know it should be I have so much to be greatful for. But I wanted to get this out along with a promise to my husband and my child! I promise I will try to be optimistic again like I use to be! I promise to enjoy every moment with you!
To all the newlyweds or parents-to-be: Fall more in love each day. Know that you deserve one another! Enjoy every moment together. Because the moments are fleeting! And life is always changing!!!