Monday, June 27, 2011


So I have been trying to find a new hobby. Since Jonny is in school and job hunting a ton I am stuck at home alot. I am very very anxious to have this kid so I am trying to keep busy and a new hobby seems to be the best way.
So I have been trying out couponing the last two weeks. It has been difficult getting started but once I figured out the best way for me to do it its been quite easy.
Today was my first shopping trip!
We got 4 boxes of cereal, 3 packages of BBQ meat, 3 pre made sides, 2 packages of hot dogs, 2 salad packages, 1 can of febreeze, 8 tyson mini chicken sandwiches, 2 things of deodorant, a thing of litter, and some razors!!!
Oh and we earned a free gallon of milk on our next purchase!
Overall we spent $48.93 and saved $51.01!!!  We saved almost 51%!!!
I was so excited when I got home!!
And this was our first shopping trip!
Not only does it feel great to have a new hobby that helps pass the time but I am saving us money in the process!! Its so fun I would totally encourage anyone who has patience and a lil bit of extra time every week to figure it out!
IT feels so good to be able to contribute without having to go to work!
I don't know about all you other girls but sometimes it is hard for me to watch Jonny work while I just do stuff around the apartment. So feeling like I am contributing again really is great! But it is all about finding what works in your relationship <3

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Make your own fun!!! For Free!!!

So lately I have noticed Jonny and I haven't laughed half as much as we first did when we got married.
I realized that at some point we stopped coming up with fun things to do and just expected the fun to happen.
As I lay in bed thinking about it late last night I decided that something needed to change!
The inspiration came partially today while watching Rachel Ray but it is an idea that has been forming since I started watching Chopped (Yes I absoluetly love cooking shows). So Jonny and I have been trying to figure out how to do something similar to chopped between the two of us, but we couldnt figure out a way for it to work with just one kitchen. But today on Rachel Ray the solution came. Rachel occastionally has a guy on the show known as The 5 Ingredient Guy! She has audience members or just other fans submit ingredient ideas. The first 5 ingredients submitted he takes and makes a meal out of it.
So that is what I decided to do.
When Jonny came home from class I gave him the idea. And we decided thats what we will do for lunch to use up extra ingredients laying around the house for now on.
Today we started off with Jonny cooking and me picking the ingredients. It was pretty fun! I picked:
  1. peanut butter
  2. bacon
  3. lasagna noodles
  4. sour cream
  5. blueberries
I told him I wasn't sure if he could do it so he could tell me and I would change some ingredients.
After staring at everything for a lil bit he started cooking. Then finally admitted that he couldn't figure out a way to use blueberries. So I gave him caramel hot cocoa powder!
He made a pretty good lunch. He made a casserole out of the bacon, sour cream, noodles and some other ingredients out of the kitchen. He kinda overkilled it with 4 types of cheese but its okay. Then he melted the Peanut Butter added the hot cocoa powder and poured it over chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Kinda strong flavored but not bad!  Pretty good for his first time. I am excited for tomorrows lunch so that I can try to figure something out.
I am just really excited we had a free way to have fun! We laughed and smiled the whole time. So once your married and when money gets tight there is always ways to have fun! Remember that as your marriage seems to go into a routine. Get out of it and have fun! Find ways to use things that you have and have a blast!