Friday, September 30, 2011

first date night after Kayden

Tonight is the first time Jonny and I got to go out on a date night since we had Kayden. Of course Kayden came with us. We went out to dinner at JBs. At first Kayden was super fussy. Then he fell asleep and we were able to eat. He woke up right as we were finishing. He was so cute he just stared at the tv above us.
Then we went to Walmart to get me more makeup and diapers. I so needed the makeup! I was out of eyeliner and mascara! It was horrible. But now I have lots! YAY!!
Then we stopped at the farmers market. We didnt stay long. We just went for short walk and looked at everything. Then Kayden was super upset so we came home.
It was so nice to get out with Kayden. It was even nicer that Kayden slept for most of it.
We talked and talked about anything and everything. It wasn't that long of a date but it was still a date. And on friday night too! I know! Crazy right?!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

14 months

As of today I have been married to the love of my life for 14 months!!!
Its crazy that I am old enough to have been married this long.
The past 14 months have come with many things.
A few tears  no marriage is perfect
Many laughs we both have our blonde moments
1 night apart meps... it was horrible
1 amazing vacation vegas!!!
Redecorating :D
Setting up the nursery
And Having our son!
Life couldn't be any better. I am so glad we both got hired at wingers January 2010. Who would've known 6 months later we would get married!
Love u Jonny!!!

new clothes after having a baby

So yesterday I finally was able to go clothes shopping since having Kayden. Which was much needed. My clothes were ALL either stretched out from being pregnant or no longer fit cause sadly I didnt shrink back to my prepregnanct weight.
So Jonny and I went to JCPenney and shopped a good bit. First we got him clothes cause he has lost weight too. He didnt want to try some stuff on at first but once he did he seemed to have fun and we got him some nice stuff.
Then it was my turn and honestly it was a lil depressing at first. Nothing fit right at first. My jeans were the only thing that I grabbed the right size in. I only went from a size 3 to a size 5. So I wasn't too upset about that. But my tops went up to a large. And it was hard finding cute ones that will be easy to feed Kayden in. And I went up a couple sizes in skirts too. Even my shoe size went up! I mean come on! What didnt change?!?!
After having to try most things on in a couple sizes and stopping a couple times to feed Kayden I was able to make some progress. I still need to go back for a few things but I was able to get quite a bit. Jonny was really supportive and kept telling me I look great even though I was upset about buying bigger sizes.
Thankfully I was able to find some really cute outfits that fit perfect and are easy for feedings.
After a couple rough spots I was able to have some fun. I mean I guess I should be glad that I only have about an extra 7 pounds on me after having a baby. But now that I have new clothes that fit right I feel alot better about my body.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Coupon Class at Relief Society

So this past wednesday I taught a couponing class at our relief society activity. I was really nervous but It turned out really good.
I think I helped alot of people. I had lots of girls come up and thank me for the class. I really enjoyed teaching others something so useful.
I also got to go to two other classes but Kayden didnt cooperate for the first one. So I just caught parts of the food storage class which was pretty cool. Jonny and I really need to work on food storage. I am planning on going to the school and picking apples to can to help us work on that.
I think the best part of the activity was getting to meet so many girls in my ward. I really am in a great ward. I just need to put myself out there more to meet the girls. They are fun and sweet. Since we are prolly going to be here for the next year I definitely want to get to know some more girls. It will be nice to make more friends that are in the same stage of life that we are.

getting closer after having a baby

So after having a baby Jonny and I have been adjusting to parenthood. I think we let our relationship slack a little bit. After we got accustomed to parenthood we realized we had quit doing to much for our relationship. So this week we've been working really hard on getting some us time. Its been really nice. We've been making each other breakfast and when kayden naps we cuddle up and talk.
We've been growing alot closer. Its so fun its almost like we are newlyweds all over again. Only we have a baby. Which makes life even more interesting.
This morning Jonny watched Kayden while I took a bath then I made smoothies and omelettes for breakfast. Then we went for a walk. It was fun being together so much this morning.
Also Jonny took a whole day off to spend time together. He missed his classes wednesday. Sadly I was a bad wife and didnt encourage him to go. So we just spent so much time together and bonded alot!
I think its important for a marriage to be even stronger once you have a child but sometimes that gets forgotten when life is uprooted so dramatically. But now it feels like we have the perfect little family. A dad, a mom, a baby and a cat!
Life is good!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

trying to be super mom!

So I have realized lately how hard it is to be a mom and  wife! Being a mom is super time consuming! Then through in trying to make time for the hubby and keep the apartment clean and cook meals! AHH!
Luckily I have an amazing hubby who has been super supportive of me adjusting to this. He works full time and still helps a ton with Kayden and the apartment. I don't know how he does it! He is too good to me.
Kayden is finally sleeping in about 4 hour stretches throught the night so he usually only wakes up like 3-4 times!! He still has some rough nights but the good ones make up for it.
So Jonny starts school back next week and I'm really nervous. I know he is gonna need more sleep so I shouldn't let him help so much at night but I really like my sleep. I think I'm gonna have to learn to adjust without it. Thankfully he will be cutting his hours back alot and most of his classes our online so he can be here but I need to make sure he has time to actually do the stuff for the online classes.
Needless to say there is gonna be alot of new adjustments the next couple weeks and lots of caffeine to help!
Also today I was outside with Kayden and one of the married guys that lives he was outside on the phone screaming and cussing. I am so glad Jonny isn't like that. Jonny is quite mellow and its definitely a good thing cause if he was like that I don't think we would work so well together.
Well not much more has happened but I have decided that I need to post on this blog more often. I have another blog specifically about Kayden so he will have something to read about when he was a baby. But this one is more about my life and I should post more about it!