Wednesday, April 27, 2011

9 months of marriage!

Marriage is the best! I highly recommend it!
Within the last 9 months so much has happened. I got married, moved twice, found out I am pregnant, went on vacation, been through many holidays, and learned so much about my husband!
When you are with so one so much you can't help to learn everything about this person! My favorite memories of the last nine months is the nights where we just lie in bed talking for sometimes hours! We seem to learn the most about each other in the simpiliest of elements. It is so fun to share things from our childhood and then dream about Kayden's future!
I know this is crazy, but I love when I wake up from nightmares at night cause you always hold my until I fall back asleep and make sure I am okay.
It is so crazy that 9 months have already passed. Some days it feels like we've been married for years but most days it doesn't even feel like its been 6 months!
I am so lucky to be able to spend everyday with the man I am so desperately in love with! I love falling asleep and waking up next to him! I love cooking dinner for him! I love everything about married life! It is just so fulfilling. <3
So to all the newlyweds and engaged couples: Love every minute you have together! Time really does fly by. Focus on the good! Forget about the bad. Just remember that you have just as many flaws as your spouse if not more! So you are lucky!!! <3

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our first easter as husband and wife

So tomorrow is our first easter married. Last year we were engaged but I dont think we did anything. Actually I am pretty sure we didn't. But we wanted to do something for each other this year.
Here is one of our funny quarks though we want pretty much everything to be a surprise but we can't stand to be apart when we don't have to.
To be honest I thought the urge to constantly have to be together would have faded some in the last nine months but it hasnt at all <3
Well we wanted to get each other easter candy but of course it had to be a surprise, but we didn't want to be apart to actually get the candy. So today we did the funniest/cutest thing. We went to walmart to get the candy and each got a shopping basket. We then went up and down each isle pretty much back to back. So we were together but couldnt see what the other one was getting us <3
We then went to different check outs and bought our candy and of course Jonny had to tell his cashier what we were doing and she told us we were definitely the cutest couple of the day.
I love spending each new holiday with Jonny and making our own familiy traditions. It is just great to feel like we are our own family! I just can't wait for Kayden to come so our family is more complete.
To all the newlyweds and engaged couples:  enjoy each new holiday and remember you can get rid of some of the old family traditions and start your own. It is so fun to celebrate things your own way!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

AMAZING DEAL!!! Cheap Fresh Produce!!!

Todays blog is a lil different then normal but my mom told me about this deal and I just had to share it!!!
How would you like to get a laundry basket of fresh produce for $15!!! Well the first time you do this there is a $3 starter fee but its still a STEAL. This is done by volunteers so it is really cheap. They buy as local as they can so its a great way to reinvest in your community and america.
It is available in 11 states! Check out the website to see if there is a pickup location close to you.
All you do is buy it online monday morning with a card and pick your pickup location. Then saturday morning you have 20 minutes to pick up your basket. There is usually a line to wait to get it. So make sure you get there early so it is faster and bring your receipt.
Jonny and I bought our first basket today and we got 3 oranges, 3 mangos, 7 red apples, 2 big things of strawberries, a honeydew, a head of lettuce, big head of celery, big thing of broccoli, 2 onions, and a couple handfuls of what we think are baby zucchini.
 Trying getting all that for $15! You can also buy different add ons like Decorate yourself cookies or bread.
You never know what is gonna be in the basket it all depends on the season. But it is a great way to incorporate fresh produce in to your diet!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Finding a balance

It is so strange when you get married because a huge change happens. When you are dating it is perfectly normal to spend all your time with them and you do because it is so new and you have so much you want to learn about the new person. Once you are engaged you are together every second planning and dreaming of the future. But then you get married..... It is amazing and great but eventually reality steps in. And you realize you have to do other things besides spend time together. Eventually there is school or work or in some cases Both!!!
For us girls I think it is harder because we have given up a ton to devote every waking moment to you. Not that that is a bad thing it is just what we do. But when reality sets in we realize we need hobbys, girlfriends, or something of our own. Because as amazing as doteing on you is we need to do somethng for us too.
Guys seem to adjust to this easier. I think this is mostly because they are usually the providers. So they know they have to go off and work so that they can provide for their wives and family. So when they are off and about they are able to take their them time. But when we(the wives) are mostly at home we are doing things for them even when they arent here!
Lately I have noticed that after nine months of marriage I am still not doing something for me! I love doing things for my hubby but when I run out of things to do I feel kind of lost. Because I have given up most things that don't revolve around my new marriage. So I keep trying to start new hobbies or just something to do for me. But most the time I quicky lose interest. I am not sure if its because I feel like I should be doing more around the apartment or if its because I am easily distracted. Probably a combination of both.
But to the wives, engaged girls, and girls planning for the future: Find something for you and don't let go of it. Don't let it come between you two but Find a balance. Remember you need something for yourself to make you happy. And lets face it if we arent happy the hubby isnt happy :)
To the husbands, engaged men, and guys planning for the future: When we are having a hard time with this try to be understanding. It doesnt seem to be as easy for us. Encourage us to find something for ourself and to keep trying until we find something we love doing.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Arguments happen!

No marriage is perfect.
Although we like to act like it is or immagine it is, It isnt. Arguments and disagreements are gonna happen. No two people think exactly the same so feelings will get hurt.
Just remember to never run away from your problems. One of my brilliant sisters told me that when you get married you give up the right to sleep somewhere else. I agree. No matter how bad the fight or how hurt you are, where you live with your spouse is your home and you should stay there!
Be careful what you say. Words hurt so much more than anything else. It sticks in your mind and even though you try to forget they randomly will sneak up in the back of your mind and they continue to burn.
It is okay to walk away. When you are getting too wound up or too upset just take a break. Go for a walk, a drive, or just into another room. You just have to realize when it is time to walk back in the room and talk it out.
Never go to bed angry! You will never sleep well. And when you wake up you are usually more upset then when you went to bed.
To the newlyweds and engaged couples remember: Marriage is forever! You chose this. The good times far outway the bad. Just focus on the good and try to forget the bad. And when you forgive someone do it completely and never bring it back up!!!