Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentines Day

This year Valentines Day was amazing. On Valentines day I had a dozen roses mailed to me from proflowers. Jonny was mad when he found out they were mailed and not hand delivered so he showed up with a dozen more roses and a candy bouquet. I gave him a bag of cookies n cream kisses and a big reeses heart.
We had to celebrate on the weekend since he had class all day. So Saturday morning we went to run errands. We had been guessing what we got each other. I saw someone walk into the bank with a coach purse. So I asked if thats what he got me. He had the oh crap look on his face and tried to lie but it was pretty bad. So when we got home he went and got it and gave it to me. It was an amazing purse!!! And Kayden got me the matching wallet. 
After Kaydens nap we dropped him off with Betty and went out to dinner. At dinner I gave him a card with an explanation of his gift. I got us a room at a bed and breakfast. Wild Rose Manor.
It was so amazing! Our room had a hottub and a fireplace.
At nighttime they served icecream and strawberries. We got to relax in the hottub. The breakfast was incredible. She made cinnamon rolls, hashbrowns, fresh fruit, yogurt, and omelets. It was way yummy. We had so much fun playing games and just being together. It was our first getaway without Kayden. 
This was definitely the best Valentines Day Ever! I have no clue how we will ever top it!