Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Marriage is something special!!

Lately I've known alot of people who seem to have gotten married because that is what you are suppose to do. Whether its because they are returned missionaries, mormon guys who just want to jump on the bandwagon, or people who are pregnant isn't really important. I honestly feel bad for them! I have even seen some marriages fall apart because people got married for the wrong reasons. It is so sad to see this happen.
I can't imagine being married for any other reason then being desperatly in love and not being able to stand being apart from one another! I am so lucky to have gotten married just for LOVE.
I really hope it works out well for those who do get married for other reasons I just imagine it will be much harder. I mean marriage comes with enough trials as is but when you have that love it makes it easier.
To make it worse kids see that lack of love and think its just normal. That you just marry who ever works out. For me that wouldn't be enough.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

Today was our second Valentine's day together. It was perfect. After running a couple errands we came home to make lunch. It was perfect because on the way home Kayden fell asleep! So we put him in his room and I cooked an amazing lunch if I do say so myself! Steak with a yummy sesame sauce on it, shrimp, and ranch potatoes! YUMMM. Since Kayden was passed out we ate it on the living room floor. We like picnics in our living room.
After eating we cuddled up and talked. It was so nice. We talked about all our memories. When we first realized we loved each other, when we first realized we wanted to marry the other one, etc! It was so great and romantic!
I got Jonny a candy basket with a poem using each work of the candy! I thought it was cute
He got me some candy and taped up a bunch of kids valentines cards. It was cute!
We got Kayden a lil stuffed dog. He loves to chew on its ears.
It has been such a great day! Its just great to feel loved.

Monday, February 06, 2012


I was reading someones blog last night that really gave me a reality check!
Their husband told them they loved someone else. And they are getting a divorce. They have 2 children and have been married almost 3 years.
It really made me think how lucky I am.
Now I am by no means in a perfect marriage, honestly I don't think there is one out there! We have get annoyed by each other and we have fights. But we are always there for each other and support each other.
I know there is no way I could do it without Jonny and he knows he couldn't do it without me.
Its just scary to think about what happens if you don't put 110% into your marriage. I don't know what happened in their marriage that made it fall apart but when I heard this it just made me think about everything I need to work on!
I know I take my marriage for granted alot of the time. I just assume Jonny will always be there and that he can't leave. But in all reality he can! And just thinking about that brings tears to my eyes. I know I should work harder on being more patient with him and to let more of the little things go.
I am just so glad that we both are so dedicated to our marriage and that we both work really hard at making it better every day.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Upcoming Valentines Day

So this is our 2nd Valentines day while being married. Last year sadly we were living at my parents since we sold our apartment contract but the one we wanted to get got sold before we got it so we didnt really have anywhere else to go.
But this year I am excited. No clue what we are doing but definitely something! I don't want anything big just some time with the man I married 18 months ago!

But on a different note my friend Megan has a great blog you should check it out! Its always fun and upbeat but honest! Which is quite refreshing! She is even doing a giveaway.

Now that doesnt mean you can expect that hear. For me this is just a place to write my thoughts and feelings since I dont keep a journal.

I hope everyones valentines day is special and full of love!