Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to school

School starts back in less then a week! I am a lil nervous. I have a ton to do this week before classes start. Once financial aid gets here we have to go shopping and get books and everything! And have to finish getting the apartment organized!
I am excited to be going back. I think I want to be a guidance counselor. I am taking a psychology class to test it out before I jump in full swing. And I am taking 2 of my prereq classes.
Jonny is going full time plus working. Its going to be crazy.

Moving to Boise

So this last month has been completely chaotic. We came to Boise to get a break for a bit and ended up moving her instead. We switched out mind back and forth for a while but ended up staying here.
We love our new apartment it is huge! 970 squarefeet! 2 br 2 bath. It has a cute lil side yard that is all ours!Kayden loves crawling in the grass.
And the location is perfect. Its only like 15 minutes from everything! 15 min to my sister bettys house, Jonnys work and downtown boise!
Its perfect. I am really happy here.

2 years!

So I just realized that I didn't write on our 2 year anniversary last month.
I can't believe we have already been married for that long. Time really does pass fast. Good thing we have all of eternity!
We were able to go out and have a date night since my sister watched Kayden.
We went out to Red Lobster and ate a ton! I took like half my meal home to eat later and I still ate way too much! But it was so good!!!
Then we were suppose to go to a movie in the park but it just kept getting hotter outside so we were going to go to a cheap movie but my sister bought us movie tickets to the Avengers. Honestly I was a little nervous about going to a movie theater since the shooting in Colorado but I went anyways. It was a really good movie!!!
We had such a great anniversary! I can't wait to see what the next year brings.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Eat Pray Love

After watching just parts of this movie with my mother it really made me stop and think. Why can't life be that simple? Why are we always so wrapped up in what other people think about us? We are constantly worried about our looks, our actions, and anything else that can possibly be judged by others. I have noticed myself sacrificing my own happiness to make others happy. What sort of life are we living if our biggest concern is what others think?
Watching just part of this movie made it clear to me that we are not living the life we are meant to by doing so.
Now I'm not saying we shouldn't help one another, but why do others expect us to sacrifice our happiness for theirs? It just doesn't make since to me. I am more then willing to help others when they need it. But that is as far as it goes for now on. I have sacrificed so much to try to have a connection with some people but it shouldn't be so difficult.

This is my life after all so I think its time that my happiness be important. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

First Mothers Day

It is so strange actually being acknowledged on mothers day! Well this year was my first celebration.
Since Jonny had to work on mothers day and I worked the day before and we had a work meeting the day before that, We celebrated on thursday!
And I was spoiled!! It was SO nice being pampered. I got a mani/pedi at reflections. It was nice to get out and relax! After that we had a picnic for lunch and played with Kayden at the park. I got surprised with a gift card to the spa in town and promptly called to see if I could get a massage which I did!
Talk about a relaxing day! To top it all off Jonny made me dinner. It was so cool for him to realize everything I do.
Today is actually mothers day. We haven't been able to do much. Kaydens nap schedule was thrown off since he woke up earlier then usual. So we went to bear world a lil before Jonnys shift so we rode some rides and just spent time together.
It was way fun. 

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Catching up

Tons has happened since I posted yet. Jonny's mom came up to visit. It was really fun. She even sent us out on a date night. We went out to eat, went to a movie, and got cupcakes. It was great!
Jonny and I both got jobs at bear world. I am really enjoying working again. Its great to be around people my age and it feels really good to be contributing to our finances. I have been loving work. It has been hard being away from Kayden but its good that Kayden and Jonny are getting time together more often. We have only been working weekends so far. After this weekend we will be working more often.
I have also decided to go back to school for zoology. I have applied at ISU and should know by next wednesday. Since they have accepted me once I don't think I will have a problem. I am really excited. Prolly will only take 2 online classes to start. But atleast its a start.
We will be moving to Pocatello in August and then we will both hopefully be starting school.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Date night

While we were in Pocatello helping y mom move we were able to sneak away to go see the Hunger Games. I was so excited I loved the books.
Thankfully we left early because there was already a line when I got there. So We got some snacks. Prices are ridiculus!
We spent 22 on tickets. And then to get a large drink, nachos, and a think or twizzlers was another 20!
We don't go to the movies too much since it is so expensive. Im excited to go to the drive in this summer! We can bring our own snacks and itll be way cheaper. Plus Kayden can come with us.
Anyways the movie was way good! They did cut out alot of chacter back story which I wish they would have left in but the movie was already 2 1/2 hours long so they really couldnt make it much longer.
I am excited to move to pocatello so we can have date nights more often. Right now we get one like every other month. If we are lucky! Once we move I hope to do one every other week.
Its so nice to get out together.


When the time finally comes for us to get a house I definitley need a fireplace! This whole winter I have been sitting next to a heating vent to warm up. Pretending its a fireplace. But its just not the same.
I need a big fireplace to curl up next to with a book.
It will be the perfect little sitting/reading room.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Relationships completely degraded

I swear these days relationships don't mean anything. It seems like people just want someone to come home to and to spend the holidays with but they still want the freedom of being single! It makes me so angry. I found these 2 stories on yahoo news at its seriously ridiculus!
The first one was about open marriages! Like seriously why did you even get married?!?!?! The whole point of marriages is that they aren't open!
These people not only have an open marriage but they have a child! Talk about messed up. I can't even imagine how that child is going to be raised!
This is another story on yahoo news.
 Thankfully this ad caused such an uproar that they pulled it.
Why is cheating so encouraged these days? I have seen cheating destroy marriages and the people in them. Why is this encouraged!
When I was talking to a friend who had seen a commercial for a dating website for married people! I was hoping it was just a joke but its not!! Its motto was recapture the feeling! Seriously? If people spent the time and effort on their marriage instead of cheating divorce rates would be alot lower!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Road Trip

A couple of days ago I found out my brother in law was getting the priesthood the next day! I wasnt able to go to his baptism so I was determined to go. Jonny wasn't able to get off work. I was really nervous about taking kayden 4 hours without any help. I posted something on facebook about going to utah and Lindsay said something like take me with you. I got super excited but then she said her baby was too fussy.
Me being determined kept texting her. When I got to blackfoot I texted her one last time and she said she would come! I was so excited. I stopped in pocatello to see my mom and to pick Lindsay and Brooke up.
I was glad to have her with me but two babies was pretty intimidating. But they were both suprisngly good. Brooke is only 7 weeks so she sleeps most the time. And the car kept Kayden asleep. When they both woke up in Malad we stopped for lunch at a gas station burger king.
Its then that I realized how different young moms get looked at outside of rexburg. When we sat down to eat two older men where sitting across from us scratching lottery tickets. They were cussing under their breath and glaring at us the whole time! Talk about rude. I can only assume that thought we were teen moms that had gotten knocked up. Little did they know we were both married before we got pregnant!  It was an eye opening experience for me. I feel bad for how teen moms get treated.
Well we made it to utah around 4. It was a pretty easy trip.
It was nice to spend time with my sister and her hubby. Especially since he left for Afganhistan on saturday (please keep him in your prayers)
The way back went really well too. We left once Kayden was ready for his nap. They both slept till past Malad. So like 2 1/2 hours! It was really nice. We just trucked through till pocatello.
I dropped Lindsay and Brooke off. Then went and hung out with my mom for a while.
Kayden slept from Pocatello to rexburg.
It was so nice to have some girl time! I am so excited to move to pocatello now so I can spend more time with Lindsay and Brooke! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

8 Months!!

Dear Kayden,
Yesterday marks 8 months! I know I say this alot but you are growing so fast!!
I love how much you smile and laugh. It makes my day go so much better.
I need to take some pictures of you Ill try to do that later today and post them.
Every month you change so much.
You are figuring out how to move but mostly through rolling and turning in circles. Its pretty fun to watch.
You are feeding yourself more and more every day.
And you are putting yourself to sleep! You only cry for like 5 minutes. Its really nice!
You are loving watching scout. Sometimes its hard to get you to eat cause you can see scout sitting near your high chair and you want to watch her.
You have also discovered barney. I use to love that show when I was little but now watching it with you and can't remember why. You like the music but it doesnt take long for you to get bored!

First trip without daddy

Dear Kayden,
So a couple of days ago we found out your Uncle Chris was getting the priesthood the following night. Your daddy tried to get off work but couldn't. I was determined to go and since I can't really leave you behind you came too.
Honestly I was pretty nervous about how you would be. But thankfully you slept pretty much the whole time both ways. Whenever you woke up we just stopped and got food. Lindsay and her baby came too. So it was really fun.
I was so proud of you for behaving so well!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Kony 2012

I usually don't get involved in things like this. But this is something that needs everyones attention! Joseph Kony is a horrible man who needs to be caught! If you don't know what I am talking about please watch this video!!!

please get involved! Whether its by posting this on your blog or putting up posters! Just do something!!! Lets make the world a better place for our children!

warmer weather and a dog

 Today I am in denial that it still isn't summer. I put on a cute dress and went for a walk. It wasn't too bad. Kayden totally passed out in his stroller. It was a great time for Jonny and I to just talk while watching Scout run around. Scout is out new dog!

We really lover her. She is a pure bred yorkie. She is about 10. She is an older dog but that is just what we needed. She is trained really well. We don't even need a leash. Its been great having her as part of the family.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Moving again...

I know what you are thinking. We just moved here! Well we will be here for another 6-7 months. But after that we are moving to Pocatello. So Jonny can go to school at ISU. He just has to finish up a couple prerequisites then he can start pharmacy school. I'm excited for the change. Ive been in rexburg for like 3 years and honestly I'm not a fan. Its way too cold. I know Pocatello isn't that much different but there is alot less snow!
It feels good to have a for sure plan now too! I am gonna apartment hunt like crazy though so when we get there we don't move every 6 months like we did here. I don't think housing will be hard to find there is alot on craigslist so it should be fairly easy.
So until then Jonny is gonna work full time here so we can save up lots of money and hopefully get another car.
Since we have been in Rexburg we sold one car since Jonnys school and work isn't far.
But ISU is scattered pretty far and I don't wanna be stuck at home all day without a car. So fingers crossed we can find a cheap one or even maybe a scooter for Jonny to ride to school.
We also have to find Jonny a job up there. Hopefully that won't be too hard. It might take a lil while to find a good job but most places seem to be hiring alot.
Well that is all we are up to for now!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Marriage is something special!!

Lately I've known alot of people who seem to have gotten married because that is what you are suppose to do. Whether its because they are returned missionaries, mormon guys who just want to jump on the bandwagon, or people who are pregnant isn't really important. I honestly feel bad for them! I have even seen some marriages fall apart because people got married for the wrong reasons. It is so sad to see this happen.
I can't imagine being married for any other reason then being desperatly in love and not being able to stand being apart from one another! I am so lucky to have gotten married just for LOVE.
I really hope it works out well for those who do get married for other reasons I just imagine it will be much harder. I mean marriage comes with enough trials as is but when you have that love it makes it easier.
To make it worse kids see that lack of love and think its just normal. That you just marry who ever works out. For me that wouldn't be enough.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day

Today was our second Valentine's day together. It was perfect. After running a couple errands we came home to make lunch. It was perfect because on the way home Kayden fell asleep! So we put him in his room and I cooked an amazing lunch if I do say so myself! Steak with a yummy sesame sauce on it, shrimp, and ranch potatoes! YUMMM. Since Kayden was passed out we ate it on the living room floor. We like picnics in our living room.
After eating we cuddled up and talked. It was so nice. We talked about all our memories. When we first realized we loved each other, when we first realized we wanted to marry the other one, etc! It was so great and romantic!
I got Jonny a candy basket with a poem using each work of the candy! I thought it was cute
He got me some candy and taped up a bunch of kids valentines cards. It was cute!
We got Kayden a lil stuffed dog. He loves to chew on its ears.
It has been such a great day! Its just great to feel loved.

Monday, February 06, 2012


I was reading someones blog last night that really gave me a reality check!
Their husband told them they loved someone else. And they are getting a divorce. They have 2 children and have been married almost 3 years.
It really made me think how lucky I am.
Now I am by no means in a perfect marriage, honestly I don't think there is one out there! We have get annoyed by each other and we have fights. But we are always there for each other and support each other.
I know there is no way I could do it without Jonny and he knows he couldn't do it without me.
Its just scary to think about what happens if you don't put 110% into your marriage. I don't know what happened in their marriage that made it fall apart but when I heard this it just made me think about everything I need to work on!
I know I take my marriage for granted alot of the time. I just assume Jonny will always be there and that he can't leave. But in all reality he can! And just thinking about that brings tears to my eyes. I know I should work harder on being more patient with him and to let more of the little things go.
I am just so glad that we both are so dedicated to our marriage and that we both work really hard at making it better every day.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Upcoming Valentines Day

So this is our 2nd Valentines day while being married. Last year sadly we were living at my parents since we sold our apartment contract but the one we wanted to get got sold before we got it so we didnt really have anywhere else to go.
But this year I am excited. No clue what we are doing but definitely something! I don't want anything big just some time with the man I married 18 months ago!

But on a different note my friend Megan has a great blog you should check it out! Its always fun and upbeat but honest! Which is quite refreshing! She is even doing a giveaway.

Now that doesnt mean you can expect that hear. For me this is just a place to write my thoughts and feelings since I dont keep a journal.

I hope everyones valentines day is special and full of love!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Moving.... Again

I know there is lots of people saying wow you sure move alot. And we really do. Its not like we are moving states. We aren't even moving towns. Just apartments.
I have the best husband. He honestly doesn't care where we live but if I find an apartment I like better he will move for me! The new place is our 3rd apartment since being married! I know thats alot especially since we've been married 18 months. Thankfully we have amazing friends who help us move too.
So why do we move so much. Well we left the last place since it was a 1 bedroom and it was pretty small and I was pregnant so we moved here. This place has been great but the windows leak alot of cold air in. The utilities are rediculusly expensive and its a lil small still.
The new place is so perfect! Its bigger! It has the cutest little playground out back for Kayden. And it has a washer dryer!!! That I am really happy about. Plus its really close to Jonnys work and about the same distance from the school!
The only downside is its farther from the grocery store but thats not too bad.
I am just so excited to be in a new ward I just hope we are more included with callings and everything.
The new apartment is coming with so many more exciting things.
We are hoping to get a garden lot at the school this spring! Itll be so fun!
I am joining a Mommy and Me class with Kayden. Thatll be fun to get to know more people.
I just need to be more social and less shy! Hopefully thatll happen at this new place. Theres a much bigger living room so we can have more people over! YAY!!!


So lots of people I know are having children out of marriage. I feel bad that I'm not excited for them. When I see a facebook status of a single girl saying she is pregnant I just can't put congrats. I usually just shake my head and think about how hard it would be to have a child without the father being with me every step of the way.
I am so glad I got married before I got pregnant. I am so glad that my husband and I can support our child and not rely on our parents.
I don't understand why people would choose to raise a baby alone. The baby deserves two loving parents to take care of them. I am not saying you can't do it I know there are people who do it alone and their children come out amazing but it just doesnt seem fair to me. There are tons of married couples out there that really want a child and can't have one.
If you are a single parent I hope I didn't offend you. I am sure you are doing your best this is just my feelings!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


So  this past tuesday was my 21 birthday!
On Sunday my mom, bret, tabbie and jake came up to celebrate. We ate an amazing dinner my hubby made. Burgundy and pepper marinated steaks, parmesan rissotto, green beans and salad! It was incredible! The steaks were premarinated at broulims and we are definitely getting them again. My mom got me a really nice food processor which is so nice so Jonny doesnt have to chop all my stuff for me.
And I got $100 from various people.
We played some fun games and ate an amazing ice cream cake from coldstone! You can create your own cake so I picked out everything in mine. It was really good.
Tuesday I woke up to a birthday card from Jonny and Kayden with a gift card to JBs so I could get stuffed french toast.
Then Jonny had to go to a job interview. But the best part is he got the job! That was a great birthday present.
Then we went to JB's but I got lunch instead lol. Then we came home and played the wii for a while. After Kaydens nap I decided I wanted to spend my birthday money.
So I got a pair of silver hoop earrings, a new pair of shoes, some hair clips, a pair of sunglasses, and I got my hair cut and a blue streak put in it.

It was so weird spending money on just me. But Jonny wouldnt let me spend any of it on Kayden.
Well the silver hoop earrings wouldnt stay in so we returned them and got a couple pairs of cheap earrings instead.
It was a really fun day.
Plus a couple days ago I got a gift from my sister Lauralee of these really pretty pearl earrings that dangle. I am really excited about it.
Jonny ordered me this pretty necklace that we are waiting on getting here that has a silver hoop with a single white pearl hanging in the middle of it. So the earrings will be a perfect match.
Kaydens gonna get me a new diaper bag once Jonny is working more hours at the new job.
The best part of the whole day was feeling pampered and my sisters calling. Its just nice to feel thought of.
Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Late Truth Tuesday

I know its wednesday but with all my catch-up blogs I posted yesterday I forgot it was tuesday. I haven't been able to blog much lately since Kayden has been teething but he is sleeping now so I have a chance.
So for those of you that don't know my 21st birthday is next tuesday. I know I should be more excited but honestly my birthday kind of depresses me. It just never seems to be much of a celebration. My hubby took me to SLC last year and that was way fun. But all my other birthdays havent been that great.
Honestly I like presents. I dont really care about the stuff I like that people took the time to think of something I would like and get it for me. I just like to be thought of for more than 3 seconds on my birthday.
So I am a lil nervous for my birthday. Especially since my mom has been talking about getting me a baby bullet for my birthday. I really want a baby bullet to make Kayden baby food. But that is a present more of for Kayden. Last year my mom got me a temple bag which was great I really needed it. But she also got Jonny one. That was really nice but it made my birthday feel alot less special.
My mom and Bret and prolly tabbie are coming up Sunday to have a birthday dinner,
Then Jonny Kayden and I will celebrate on Tuesday.
So lets just hope its a good one.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Years

So I'm not big on celebrating New Years. Especially since becoming a mom. I don't stay up late... at all. Like 9-10 i am usually in bed. I know I know I am old. Well I act old anyways. :).
So this year we went up to my moms ate a lot of food! Played a couple games. Well I attempted to play but I spent most of the time laying in moms bed so Kayden would stay asleep. Thankfully mom layed in there with me. So we talked and played scrabble on her iphone. It was actually pretty fun getting one on one time with her.
We went to bed at 11. That was pretty late for us. The next day we played more games. This time I got to join in. We ate yummy prime rib. Thats about it.
So this year I want to experience more and not be at home so much and I want to do more for others.

Looking back on 2011

This past year has brought quite a bit of change and many firsts.
We moved to Poky.
Then we moved back to Rexburg less then 2 months later!
We celebrated our first Easter as a married couple.
I did couponing for a while.
We became Parents to a precious lil boy!
We celebrated our 1 year anniversary! Crazy right?! I still have to remind myself I am a Tharp most days. Giving up the Jenkins name was harder then I thought!
We thought about getting a house mostly for me. But decided it wasnt time yet.
We hosted our first Thanksgiving!
We had Christmas Eve and Christmas with Kayden!
We went to my sisters wedding.
It has been an eventful year! I am excited to see what 2012 brings.

Carissa's Wedding

So my big sister Carissa got married on December 29, 2011. We were able to go thanks to some people helping with gas money. It is so nice when families pitch together for important events.
It was a beautiful wedding. She got married to Chris Daigle. I am excited for him to join the family. It was a lot of work getting everything ready but it all came together just in time. It was so nice to my sisters some of which I havent seen in close to 3 years! Hopefully I will be able to see them more often.
Everyone got to meet Jonny finally which was nice. They all really got along with him. And of course everyone who hadnt before met Kayden.
It was nice getting together for her special day. She looked so pretty and it was so cute seeing Chris all anxious waiting for the wedding.
We were able to stay for an extra day and spend more time with everyone. I am so glad we went no matter how difficult it may have been.

Merry Christmas!

So this year was our second Christmas together! We actually had a full sized tree this year. We went a bought a fake one.
It is so pretty I love it!
We had such a great holiday.
Christmas Eve we went swimming for Kaydens first time! It was so fun. Then we went and looked at Christmas lights. When we got home I made Shepards Pie for dinner. Jonny liked the idea because it was fitting so we are gonna keep it up. Then of course we had Christmas Jammies! After that we all went to bed.
Kayden woke us up at 7:30. It was so cute that he doesnt even know what Christmas is yet and he woke us up.
We opened our stockings first. Kaydens was mostly bath toys. Jonny had candy, a coke glass, a lil game, and a ball paddle that my mom put in their. I had lots of candy, a big thing of hot cooca, and a christmas mug! I love hot cocoa.
Then it was presents time. Kayden got lots of toys. I got a lil plaque that says Micheles Kitchen. Then a spice rack that Jonny sanded down and restained it. I so have wanted a spice rack! I am really excited about it. I got a cute snowglobe with a picture of when we were engaged inside it! And the one I am most excited about is a new set of scriptures!!! It is gorgeous blue leather with silver pages and engraved. Oh and its a quad!!! I can't wait to mark it all up.
I gave Jonny a new monopoly game that has a lil trophy in it for whoever wins, a set of playing cards that have 52 reasons I love him written on it, I gave him 2 tiles. One is a 12x12 that says Tharps established July 27, 2010. Then a lil one that says Kayden Isaac Joined July 17, 2011. His biggest gift was 12 months of date nights. 1 date each month. Most are paid for. I am really excited to use that together.
We also got some home decor from my sister callista and my dad. They are both beautiful! Callista got us this gorgeous picture of the temple that says where families become forever and has our name in it. My dad got us a white board that says tharp families are forever!
Mom and Bret came up for dinner. It was a simple dinner but yummy. After dinner we went swimming again. Kayden loves the water. Then we came back and had bread pudding for dessert. It was amazing!
Overall it was a great Christmas.
Next year I want to do more for others. I tried to start elfing in our complex but it didnt really catch on.