Monday, July 02, 2012

Eat Pray Love

After watching just parts of this movie with my mother it really made me stop and think. Why can't life be that simple? Why are we always so wrapped up in what other people think about us? We are constantly worried about our looks, our actions, and anything else that can possibly be judged by others. I have noticed myself sacrificing my own happiness to make others happy. What sort of life are we living if our biggest concern is what others think?
Watching just part of this movie made it clear to me that we are not living the life we are meant to by doing so.
Now I'm not saying we shouldn't help one another, but why do others expect us to sacrifice our happiness for theirs? It just doesn't make since to me. I am more then willing to help others when they need it. But that is as far as it goes for now on. I have sacrificed so much to try to have a connection with some people but it shouldn't be so difficult.

This is my life after all so I think its time that my happiness be important.