Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to school

School starts back in less then a week! I am a lil nervous. I have a ton to do this week before classes start. Once financial aid gets here we have to go shopping and get books and everything! And have to finish getting the apartment organized!
I am excited to be going back. I think I want to be a guidance counselor. I am taking a psychology class to test it out before I jump in full swing. And I am taking 2 of my prereq classes.
Jonny is going full time plus working. Its going to be crazy.

Moving to Boise

So this last month has been completely chaotic. We came to Boise to get a break for a bit and ended up moving her instead. We switched out mind back and forth for a while but ended up staying here.
We love our new apartment it is huge! 970 squarefeet! 2 br 2 bath. It has a cute lil side yard that is all ours!Kayden loves crawling in the grass.
And the location is perfect. Its only like 15 minutes from everything! 15 min to my sister bettys house, Jonnys work and downtown boise!
Its perfect. I am really happy here.

2 years!

So I just realized that I didn't write on our 2 year anniversary last month.
I can't believe we have already been married for that long. Time really does pass fast. Good thing we have all of eternity!
We were able to go out and have a date night since my sister watched Kayden.
We went out to Red Lobster and ate a ton! I took like half my meal home to eat later and I still ate way too much! But it was so good!!!
Then we were suppose to go to a movie in the park but it just kept getting hotter outside so we were going to go to a cheap movie but my sister bought us movie tickets to the Avengers. Honestly I was a little nervous about going to a movie theater since the shooting in Colorado but I went anyways. It was a really good movie!!!
We had such a great anniversary! I can't wait to see what the next year brings.