Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Its already our 2nd Christmas Eve as a married couple! But our first with Kayden!
We kept doing some traditions from last year and started some new ones.
We went swimming at an indoor pool today. It was Kaydens first time swimming and was really fun! Jonny wants to keep up that every Christmas Eve but I don't know how realistic that is. But it'll be fun to try!
For dinner we had Shepards pie. Jonny pointed out that it was fitting. So we decided to keep it  as a new tradition.
Of course we read the Nativity story. I wanted to read it Christmas Morning but I figured the kids would be too distracted with presents so Christmas eve is a good time instead.
And We also had our Christmas Eve Jammies. It was a tradition my mom had when I was kid. I think it was just so we had cute clothes on for pictures. But I love the idea. So Jonny and I did it for each other last year and this year. This year Kayden got Jammies too.
We drove around and looked at lights too.
It was such a great night!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Date Night!!!

So a couple weeks ago my hubby surprised me and told me he had arranged for my mom to come down so he could take me to a dance at the school! I was so excited not for the dance just to be out without the baby. When it was 4 days away I asked him if he had called my mom recently and reminded her. He hadn't so I did. Good thing cause she had forgotten! Then I admitted to him that I would much rather go to dinner and go see Breaking Dawn. I just thought with having to come back and feed him it would be easier that way. He was much more excited about that idea.
So we went to dinner at Sammy's. A lil place in town I had been dying to try. The prices are really amazing! But the burgers were WAY over cooked. They killed the cow a second time! But they had okay flavor so for the price I would prolly go back. Their shakes are really good though! But they are huge! For now on either I will split with Jonny or get a mini one!
We had so much fun though. We made fun of the band in the other room who sounded like they were moaning in pain the whole time! Then we were eating our shakes all stupid just for the laughs. At one point someone else sitting up at the bar was watching us which just made it funnier!
Then we came home to feed Kayden. Good thing cause he was really worked up and mom had tried everything. He smiled when he saw me which made me feel sooo good! I feed him then gave him back to mom and went off to the movie.
Jonny is such a good hubby to watch my movies with me! I loved it. It totally ended right were I thought it would though.
We had so much fun. I can't remember the last time we laughed that much. I love my lil one but it was so nice to be out and about without him screaming.
I am just so lucky to have a hubby who would arrange all that for me!