Friday, May 27, 2011

10 months of marriage

It is so crazy that 10 months has already passed since the day I walked into the temple with my husband.
Even in the last month we have grown so much closer together. I can't even imagine how much closer we will be once we have our child together.
Now marriage is amazing but no marriage is absolutely perfect. But as long as you forget about the stupid little arguments and remember the times he has surprised you with flowers or helped you clean it feels perfect.
One of my good friends who recently got engaged got the best advice from her soon to be father-in-law.
Date with eyes wide open. Be married with eyes half closed!
I completely agree. When you are dating make sure you notice every flaw so that you know what you are getting into. For example, Jonny has a tendency to be late. It drives me nuts but it is totally worth all the amazing qualities he has. So don't expect to find Mr. Perfect, just make sure you don't give up something you really wanted because you decided to ignore a bad habit.
Once you are married you have to learn to ignore the bad habits. If you find yourself always noticing the bad habits of your spouse a little trick someone told me is every time you notice one name off 10 good things about your spouse. This is really a good idea when you have pregnancy hormones!!!!
I can't remember where I heard this. But I once heard if you are having problems seeing your spouse the way you did when you got married look in the mirror and think You're no cup of tea either!
Neither of you are perfect!
Well now I'll get off my lil soap box!
I just hate seeing marriages fall apart.
I just have to say I do have an absolutely amazing marriage. My husband spoils me beyond belief. The other day he brought me home Diamond Earrings!!! Just to show me he loves me and to show how nmuch he appreciates me carrying our child even though its not easy. He is so amazing! I don't know how I ever caught his eye. And to think I ignore him at first!!! Thanks Heavens he kept trying.
I love you Jonny with all my heart! I am so glad you are mine <3