Wednesday, October 26, 2011


To be honest I hate Halloween. I don't like dressing up. I don't like getting scared. I  just don't really like anyting about it.
I am excited for Kaydens first Halloween though. He is going trunk or treating at his nanas new ward. He is gonna be a tiger. It'll be really cute.
As for me, I will not be dressing up. I'm not sure whether or not Jonny will. We don't have anything planned for him but who knows.
I am excited to carve pumpkins this weekend though. Except cleaning them out makes me gag... Oh well.
After Halloween comes Thanksgiving! Which is my favorite holiday! YAY
Well Early Happy Halloween to everyone

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pocatello plans

So we changed our plans and decided we want to move to Pocatello.
Jonny is in the process of trying to transfer to ISU. It is super exciting. If he gets accepted we have to find him a job there. Then we have to see if we can get a home loan! If we can we are buying a house!! I am so stoaked!!! I've really wanted a house as you prolly know. We have even found some that would be really affordable! Like less than half what we pay for this lil apartment!
I just so hope this works out.
I want my son near his nana and I want him to have a yard.
But there will be lots of prayers the next couple of weeks to make sure we make the best decisions. I wouldn't want to make the wrong decision with something as long term as a house!
So once Jonny's application is in we should know in 2 weeks. So in about 3 weeks we will know whether or not he got in. Then we will have lots to figure out! I want to plan for a house but I should prolly work on a back up plan too. So on to house hunting and apt hunting!
Wish me luck!!!

Truth Tuesday: MY RECIPES

I love to cook! One of my favorite things is having friends over and cooking a big meal for them. The best compliment to me is when people tell me what a good cook I am.
Well since we have people over alot I get asked for my recipes quite a bit. I know I should be flattered by that but honestly I don't like it. I am stingy! Most peoples treasured items are pictures or clothes or something like that. Mine is my recipes.
 I worked hard to make my recipes! I don't want other people using them. Thankfully I don't really use recipes so I just tell people that so I don't offend them. I know whats in my recipes but I dont measure it out so its hard to tell them recipes. But to be truthful even if I used recipes I don't think I would hand them out. They are special to me. And they come with alot of work and experimenting in the kitchen!
So if I have you over for dinner and you enjoy the meal please don't ask for my recipes! Just tell me if you enjoy it!
I know its silly and I should hand out my recipes but..... well like I said I'm stingy with them! One day when I am older I am sure I will try to actually write down recipes to pass them on to my children but thats prolly the only people I will give them to.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Date Night

So last night we had the funnest date night!
First off we baked sugar cookies shaped like different halloween things.
While waiting for them to cool I cooked dinner. We kept trying to get Kayden to sleep but he was not cooperating.
Then we watched Zookeeper! It is a great movie. I love it! While watching we also decorated the cookies. It was kind of difficult since Kayden was up but it as fun. We just took turns holding him.

 We haven't had a date night like that in quite a while. It was great even though it didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped it would but I still really enjoyed it. Here's a picture of our cookies after they were all done!!

My cookies

Jonnys cookies

Even though its hard to get out I am glad we are finally getting back into our date night routine. Since we aren't comfortable leaving Kayden yet they are still hard to do but definitely worth the effort. And next month Kayden starts eating baby food and then hopefully we can start leaving him with baby sitters. We've only left him once with someone who wasn't family and that was only for like 40 minutes and I was a nervous wreck!
Well it will get easier with time!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

House Crazy

I know you've heard of baby crazy or marriage crazy. Well I am house crazy. I guess I have just moved through the  last couple of stages of life pretty fast so I am ready for the next one!
I want a big house with a big yard! I want Jonny to be done with school at working at a pharmacy already! If only if only. I am really trying to be patient but I am not very good at it. I am love having my own place but I am ready to have my own house. I am just so excited to have the holidays in a house in stead of a small apartment.
I thinkt he biggest contributor to this is that I moved a ton as a kid so I'm not use to being in one place too long. And Rexburg is getting  little old to be honest. It snows pretty much year round. And its so cold! I want snow but only in winter!!
Well I finally found something to help the desire to have a house now. Its this fun little website called Pinterest. Its great! I can find stuff I want to decorate my house or different features I want the house to have and pin them to this little board to keep track of it all!!
I just have to learn to enjoy the stage of life I am in now instead of constantly rushing to get to the next one! That is just alot easier said then done.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Colombus Day

So our bank is all the way in idaho falls. We went there to deposit out financial aid check, VA check and Jonny's pay check. We were gonna have lots of money (but most of it is going to pay off debt). After getting all the way there we realize the parking lot is really empty. I then remember while watching Rachel Ray this morning (I am slightly addicted) she mentioned it was Columbus Day. Silly me didn't think about this in reference to the bank being closed until we pulled into the parking lot!
We laughed a little and decided to just deposit it in the atm. But the car in front of us broke the atm! AH!!
Well atleast we had other things to do. So we went to JCPenney, returned some items and bought Kayden a coat.
We also cleaned my ring. I always forget how shiny it is until I get it cleaned. Then I am always surprised and play with the shin for the rest of the day!
My favorite part of the day is when we bought the cutest lil jumper for Kayden. We have been walking past it quite a bit in the mall. It says IpooD. I love it! Silly Jonny didn't get it for the longest time. The only size they had was 12 months so itll be a while before it fits but I just had to have it!
So I guess its okay we drove all the way to Idaho Falls even if the bank was closed. Now we just are gonna have to go back in a couple days.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Mini Golf with Kayden

So tonight Jonny was getting a lil stir crazy so we went to mini golf at Fat Cats. They have 9 holes for like 3 bucks each. But after hole 3 Kayden got really fussy. We forgot a bottle silly us!(Check the link to find out about our formula adventure)  And I don't think he really liked the black lights.
At first we were gonna take lots of pictures but once he got fussy we just pushed through.
This is the only picture we were able to take.
It was fun to get out but the group in front of us was kind of obnoxious. The guy was laying on the floor hitting the golf ball like pool. Then when they were at hole 9 they were talking about going backwards and doing it again. I thought that was quite sad that they would do that but thankfully they were honest and didn't.
I really wanted to play a round of bowling but Kayden didn't seem like he would allow it. But on our receipt there is a thing to get a free round of bowling when you do asurvery. So we will go back maybe next friday and do that.

Sweetest husband ever!!!

So today I have been having a very rough day. My hubby being the sweetest guy alive did everything to try to cheer me up.
His last attempt was offering to use the fund we have put aside for christmas for him to take me to the black swan inn for the weekend. Of course I told him no. I love christmas too much. But it really cheered me up to know how lucky I am to have gotten a husband who cares so much about me he is willing to give up Christmas.
After that I told myself to suck it up and started doing things for him and I instantly started feeling better. My latest thing was looking for christmas presents for him! I so love the holidays and they are almost here!!!
Thank you so much to the love of my life! I can't immagine what would have happened if we weren't both hired at Wingers back in January of 2010. I am so glad we get to spend our lives and all eternity together!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Hot Cocoa

So I have mixed feelings about winter.
Since its starting to get cold my closet of sweaters, skinny jeans and boots is calling out to me! As well as the hot cocoa and heater!
I love going out all dressed in my winter gear with a  warm cup of cocoa in my hand. But on the downside it is quite hard to get me out of bed, and even harder to get my outside on a cold day!
My body just does not hold heat well!!
But since I have a baby and have to get out of bed now I taught my hubby a trick to make it easier. My mom learned this trick while we were out camping. She would do everything she could think of to get me out of bed but I usually just burrowed deeper under my covers! So one morning she made me some hot chocolate. I stuck my hand out from my warm bed and she would hand it to me. I would then sit up and drink my cocoa. By the time it was gone I would be awake enough to get up!
So I told my hubby this trick. He attempted this morning but the essential part he missed is I must get my cocoa while still in bed! If I am already up Ill prolly be a lil crabby and tired because of the cold.
Today also I turned on our heater. I am currently on the couch with one blanket on my legs and one around my shoulders. I know I know I am a wimp when it comes to winter!
I am excited to bust out my sweaters though!
So heres to keeping warm during those cold months!!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Truth Tuesday

So on one of my friends blog that I think is amazing she does this really cute thing called truth tuesday. I told her I might steal the idea so I think I'm gonna give it a shot.
So today my son was sleeping alot and so I got to cuddle him and just relax. This is definitely my favorite time! I know its kind of sad but I look forward to when they get older and get a cold. I just remember when I was younger and sick I relied on my mom so much! I just want to be able to take care of them that way.
Well I can't bare to think that Kayden's first word could be anything but mama. So I might possibly move his chin up and down while I say mamamamamama. I think its working! He is starting to make the ma noise! I am so happy.
I know its still I while away but all I can think about lately is Thanksgiving! Last thanksgiving Jonny and me went to my moms for dinner. So this will be our first Thanksgiving in our home and its even specialer because its Kaydens first thanksgiving and he will be eating baby food by then! I so can't wait to cook that much food! I love cooking!
I know its weird but store bought baby food scares me. There just has been so many recalls because of things like glass getting in there so I really want to make our own baby food. We want to buy a baby bullet so we can make it easily. I know we will get tons of baby food from wic but that would be good for foodstorage or good until we save up the money from a baby bullet. They are only like $60 but we have a pretty set budget. But hopefully we will get one soon!
Well I know this has been totally random but I think I might keep this up!

Monday, October 03, 2011

Conference weekend

This weekend was super great. I love being a member of a church that has a living prophet today!
We were able to watch all 4 sessions! It was so inspiring. I loved the talk Elder Anderson gave about having kids. It made me feel so good to know that we are following what the Lord wants us to do.
President Monson is such a great speaker too! He is just so easy to relate to and you can tell how much he loves us.
Overall it was a super inspiring weekend! I am so glad we have the technology to be able to watch conference in our own homes!
I am just way excited to be able to read the talks next month when the ensign comes out! I love going over them again and getting even more insight on what they were trying to teach us.