Monday, January 31, 2011

Growing together instead of apart

Lately it seems like everything that could go wrong has gone wrong! It is pretty frustrating.
Like we try to do everything right but yet it still goes wrong.
I know trials happen and I know we have to learn things from it.
I just wish we didn't have to learn so much at once!
Thankfully I have a really supporting husband in these stressful times.
I mean I know I am being a handful lately but its hard with being pregnant plus stressed out. I try not to say much cause I feel like I don't deserve to complain when I'm not really contributing.... But how do you contribute when you are super sick??? I mean I cook and clean. But I just want to do more! So my husband doesnt have to do so much!
Any advice would be well welcomed!
I mean we have learned tricks to grow together instead of apart. We talk a ton. And I have learned to let him know when I am being hormonal. I just wish it wasn't so hard. I know it'll get even worse once we have kids cause we will have even more things pulling us in different directions but I want to grow as close as possible during the pregnancy so its not so hard after.
Well to all the married couples and expectant couples: Try to be supporting in the hard times. Girls try to hold in the hormones. I know its hard but it is hard for them too.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A name is forever.....

So we had our first ultrasound and got adorable pictures of our baby to be.
It's totally crazy to think that I will have a son in less than 6 months.
But as soon as we knew for sure what it was the name we had decided on seemed to haunt me. I mean once you give your child a name thats it! I would never want my son to be teased! So I have to think of the perfect name. But part of me is just whatever when it comes to the name. I mean I have a while to decide right? I guess thats the procrastinator coming out in me. It's just hard to find something we both love. And my husband likes common names. I like more unique or classy names. I hate unisex names. When you hear a childs name you should know whether it is a boy or a girl. And the name we had picked was kinda unisex....
But on the upside we did pick the nursery theme! It is gonna be moon and stars. We found the cutest bed set. That fits perfectly with what we want!
We also have the perfect apartment picked out and will be moving in in april. I so can't wait to start setting up my home! I can't wait to be a mom!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Update on the Baby!!!

So yesterday was my first baby appointment! When I went I was hopeing when I left that I would actually feel pregnant. Thankfully I do!!!
The baby is healthy and I felt so releaved! It is just good to know that little Baby Tharp is growing and totally on course to join our family.
The new due date is actually July 18th so our baby will be here even sooner than expected!
Yesterday we acutally got to hear the heartbeat too! It was such an incredible experience. It made it all feel so real. The heartbeat was super fast too! Jonny said it sounded like a dog because you could hear a roof noise.
I am just so excited to be a mom and am so thankful for all the support I have gotten!!
Thanks to everyone!!