Monday, March 26, 2012

Date night

While we were in Pocatello helping y mom move we were able to sneak away to go see the Hunger Games. I was so excited I loved the books.
Thankfully we left early because there was already a line when I got there. So We got some snacks. Prices are ridiculus!
We spent 22 on tickets. And then to get a large drink, nachos, and a think or twizzlers was another 20!
We don't go to the movies too much since it is so expensive. Im excited to go to the drive in this summer! We can bring our own snacks and itll be way cheaper. Plus Kayden can come with us.
Anyways the movie was way good! They did cut out alot of chacter back story which I wish they would have left in but the movie was already 2 1/2 hours long so they really couldnt make it much longer.
I am excited to move to pocatello so we can have date nights more often. Right now we get one like every other month. If we are lucky! Once we move I hope to do one every other week.
Its so nice to get out together.


When the time finally comes for us to get a house I definitley need a fireplace! This whole winter I have been sitting next to a heating vent to warm up. Pretending its a fireplace. But its just not the same.
I need a big fireplace to curl up next to with a book.
It will be the perfect little sitting/reading room.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Relationships completely degraded

I swear these days relationships don't mean anything. It seems like people just want someone to come home to and to spend the holidays with but they still want the freedom of being single! It makes me so angry. I found these 2 stories on yahoo news at its seriously ridiculus!
The first one was about open marriages! Like seriously why did you even get married?!?!?! The whole point of marriages is that they aren't open!
These people not only have an open marriage but they have a child! Talk about messed up. I can't even imagine how that child is going to be raised!
This is another story on yahoo news.
 Thankfully this ad caused such an uproar that they pulled it.
Why is cheating so encouraged these days? I have seen cheating destroy marriages and the people in them. Why is this encouraged!
When I was talking to a friend who had seen a commercial for a dating website for married people! I was hoping it was just a joke but its not!! Its motto was recapture the feeling! Seriously? If people spent the time and effort on their marriage instead of cheating divorce rates would be alot lower!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Road Trip

A couple of days ago I found out my brother in law was getting the priesthood the next day! I wasnt able to go to his baptism so I was determined to go. Jonny wasn't able to get off work. I was really nervous about taking kayden 4 hours without any help. I posted something on facebook about going to utah and Lindsay said something like take me with you. I got super excited but then she said her baby was too fussy.
Me being determined kept texting her. When I got to blackfoot I texted her one last time and she said she would come! I was so excited. I stopped in pocatello to see my mom and to pick Lindsay and Brooke up.
I was glad to have her with me but two babies was pretty intimidating. But they were both suprisngly good. Brooke is only 7 weeks so she sleeps most the time. And the car kept Kayden asleep. When they both woke up in Malad we stopped for lunch at a gas station burger king.
Its then that I realized how different young moms get looked at outside of rexburg. When we sat down to eat two older men where sitting across from us scratching lottery tickets. They were cussing under their breath and glaring at us the whole time! Talk about rude. I can only assume that thought we were teen moms that had gotten knocked up. Little did they know we were both married before we got pregnant!  It was an eye opening experience for me. I feel bad for how teen moms get treated.
Well we made it to utah around 4. It was a pretty easy trip.
It was nice to spend time with my sister and her hubby. Especially since he left for Afganhistan on saturday (please keep him in your prayers)
The way back went really well too. We left once Kayden was ready for his nap. They both slept till past Malad. So like 2 1/2 hours! It was really nice. We just trucked through till pocatello.
I dropped Lindsay and Brooke off. Then went and hung out with my mom for a while.
Kayden slept from Pocatello to rexburg.
It was so nice to have some girl time! I am so excited to move to pocatello now so I can spend more time with Lindsay and Brooke! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

8 Months!!

Dear Kayden,
Yesterday marks 8 months! I know I say this alot but you are growing so fast!!
I love how much you smile and laugh. It makes my day go so much better.
I need to take some pictures of you Ill try to do that later today and post them.
Every month you change so much.
You are figuring out how to move but mostly through rolling and turning in circles. Its pretty fun to watch.
You are feeding yourself more and more every day.
And you are putting yourself to sleep! You only cry for like 5 minutes. Its really nice!
You are loving watching scout. Sometimes its hard to get you to eat cause you can see scout sitting near your high chair and you want to watch her.
You have also discovered barney. I use to love that show when I was little but now watching it with you and can't remember why. You like the music but it doesnt take long for you to get bored!

First trip without daddy

Dear Kayden,
So a couple of days ago we found out your Uncle Chris was getting the priesthood the following night. Your daddy tried to get off work but couldn't. I was determined to go and since I can't really leave you behind you came too.
Honestly I was pretty nervous about how you would be. But thankfully you slept pretty much the whole time both ways. Whenever you woke up we just stopped and got food. Lindsay and her baby came too. So it was really fun.
I was so proud of you for behaving so well!

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Kony 2012

I usually don't get involved in things like this. But this is something that needs everyones attention! Joseph Kony is a horrible man who needs to be caught! If you don't know what I am talking about please watch this video!!!

please get involved! Whether its by posting this on your blog or putting up posters! Just do something!!! Lets make the world a better place for our children!

warmer weather and a dog

 Today I am in denial that it still isn't summer. I put on a cute dress and went for a walk. It wasn't too bad. Kayden totally passed out in his stroller. It was a great time for Jonny and I to just talk while watching Scout run around. Scout is out new dog!

We really lover her. She is a pure bred yorkie. She is about 10. She is an older dog but that is just what we needed. She is trained really well. We don't even need a leash. Its been great having her as part of the family.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Moving again...

I know what you are thinking. We just moved here! Well we will be here for another 6-7 months. But after that we are moving to Pocatello. So Jonny can go to school at ISU. He just has to finish up a couple prerequisites then he can start pharmacy school. I'm excited for the change. Ive been in rexburg for like 3 years and honestly I'm not a fan. Its way too cold. I know Pocatello isn't that much different but there is alot less snow!
It feels good to have a for sure plan now too! I am gonna apartment hunt like crazy though so when we get there we don't move every 6 months like we did here. I don't think housing will be hard to find there is alot on craigslist so it should be fairly easy.
So until then Jonny is gonna work full time here so we can save up lots of money and hopefully get another car.
Since we have been in Rexburg we sold one car since Jonnys school and work isn't far.
But ISU is scattered pretty far and I don't wanna be stuck at home all day without a car. So fingers crossed we can find a cheap one or even maybe a scooter for Jonny to ride to school.
We also have to find Jonny a job up there. Hopefully that won't be too hard. It might take a lil while to find a good job but most places seem to be hiring alot.
Well that is all we are up to for now!