Monday, January 07, 2013


So I wrote this whole post once already and then accidentally deleted it :( So I fail!
Well here it goes the second time!
So we went on an amazing vacation back in November! We went to Ft. Lauderdale, the Bahamas, and Orlando. It was an amazing trip! I have tons of photos!(Ill try to blog about it soon)We finished the semester and did really good! I got 2 A's and 1 B. Jonny got 3 A's and 1 B. I am so proud that we did so good while Jonny was working a ton and taking care of Kayden.
We are getting ready to start our new semester. Jonny is taking 18 credits at BSU. This will be his last semester before pharmacy school!!! YAY!!! 
So we are vigorously working on those applications. We are applying to 6 different schools. Our first choice would obviously be to stay here. Our second choice is either Ohio or Nevada. Then we are also applying to New York, Colorado, and Texas. So no clue where we will be this fall. I am just excited to begin Pharmacy school. It will be either 3-4 years depending on the school. But then Jonny will have his PhD. 
I am taking 6 credits at ISU online. I have also decided to take a job on so that Jonny will either work 1 shift a day or not at all. That is still to be decided.
I am starting a job as a receptionist at a tax agency. It is a seasonal job but that will be perfect with the timing of our move! I will be working full time M-F 8-4.
The only downside is Jonny has class starting at 3 M-TH. 
So we have had to find a babysitter to watch Kayden 2 hours 4 days a week. Thankfully we found someone in the ward that was willing to do it for a good deal! 
I start work next Monday but Jonny doesn't have school until the 22nd so we have some transition time.
There will be a ton of changes this next semester but I am so excited for our future!
Another change has been our ward. It got too big so the stake was reorganized and they created a new ward which we are now in. With all this happening Jonny got called to be the assitant ward clerk over membership. So he will be busy. I now have a meeting with the bishop tomorrow aka I am getting a calling. I really am excited to be of use in this ward I just hope its not a teaching calling. I am super shy at church. Which is funny because those that know me know I talk alot! But at church I never really talk. I will have to wait and see tomorrow.
I am really going to try to blog more this semester! There will be lots of changes so I will try to keep everyone up to date :)