Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tithing Blessings

So Jonny is out of school for the summer break. I know most people love when they are out of school and they hate going back to school because it is so expensive. But we actually make money while Jonny is in school. So since he is out of school money is a little tight.
This week money was particularly tight especially with just having a baby. We were gonna make it but just barely.
Well Jonny and I were just watching tv and we got a knock at the door. Our neighbor was standing there with a bag full of diapers. Her kid had grown out of them and wanted to know if we could use them! They were the right size for Kayden and everything. There were 85!!!
This is just such a blessing for us.
I knew that by following what Heavenly Father asked of us that he would help us make it along! I am so glad that we are part of this church with such great members!