Thursday, March 20, 2014

New Job, New Plan

So with the onset of my Sarcoidosis alot of things had to change. Thankfully Jonny found a great job! The day after I stopped school he applied at CenturyLink. I call it his first grown up job. It is his first job that is Monday through Friday. The hours right now are 10-7 but after he moves up in seniority he can get either 9-6 or 8-5. He gets benefits and paid vacation.
I absolutely love this job!
Having him home on the weekends has been great! We were planning on him going back to school in Pocatello but with a job like this how could we move. Did I mention they pay for his schooling? So he is going to school part time online. After this semester he will have his associates. Then he is going to continue on to get his bachelors in business.
We plan on him working his way up in the company. They have branches all over. Eventually I still hope to move to Florida. I would love to live on the beach.
I hate winter! I hate being stuck inside. Florida will definitely happen one day. I can dream anyway.
For now we are enjoying having weekends together.

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